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I... hmmm.... you could... oh who am I kidding. This blows. Hard. I imagine people tossing this card along with adverts from boosters.
Posted By: Guest1741897132 (1/27/2012 5:36:17 AM)


I use my copy of this card as a proxy for Sword of War and Peace.

Posted By: fibonacci112358 (7/12/2012 3:13:04 AM)


Yeah, this is no Sword of Fire and Ice.
On a Human, strictly worse than Vulshok Morningstar.
On anything else, also strictly worse than Leonin Scimitar, Horned Helm, Tenza, Sword of the Meek, Grifter's Blade, Gorgon Flail, Strider Harness, Flayer Husk, Bladed Bracers, and Sai of the Shinobi.
This would be *perfect* for my Terrible Cube, but lots of old terrible Humans weren't printed as such.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (10/5/2012 12:24:05 AM)


I wanted to like the human equipment subtheme in Innistrad, but...they made it too hard to.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (2/6/2013 8:32:57 PM)


This card is a big FU from R&D. I dont care how good humans were doing in limited, the answer is not to completely ruin a card.

.5/5, FU R&D, crap like this makes me want to never buy a booster again. You happy? Should have made it +1/+1 and trample, and given humans an addition +1/+1, and reduce the casting cost to 2.

Strictly worse then Morningstar.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/1/2013 6:51:37 PM)


Strictly worse than the Swords of X and Y, but those are mythics... wait, Vulshok Morningstar was a common at one point. This is just inexcusable.
Posted By: Continue (6/7/2013 2:32:03 PM)


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