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Who else, when they look at this card, think of the Elric brothers and when they torched their family home?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/23/2011 3:08:01 AM)


Yet another card that further invalidates black discard as an alternative to blue for fighting degenerate combo decks was NOT what Magic needed. I believe WotC should be working harder to chip away at blue's stranglehold on eternal formats, not cement it. Necessitating graveyard hate similtaneously to diminishing discard's value just further raises non-blue's inefficiencies.
Posted By: WarpGhost (10/2/2011 11:57:10 AM)


A couple copies of this have gone straight into my Pyromancer Ascension ritual heavy modern deck, works brilliantly with all of the rituals especially manamorphose , free drawing (+extra mana when pyromancer is active) is nice, but when you can cast it again from the graveyard it's even more ridiculous.
Posted By: kayuwolf (10/2/2011 1:12:42 PM)


I find myself concerned by the apparently unintuitive of having an expensive spell that scales directly with how much mana put into it after the base cost.

That was kind of wordy.
It's like having fireball cost Variable Colorless4Red

I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the true power of the card. I suppose it combos with mana-producing sorceries, but red doesn't have too many efficient rituals.

It feels like a card that you have to build your whole deck around, and such a card seems like it belongs better at rare than mythic.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (10/3/2011 7:11:04 PM)


This is yawgmoth's will plus one mana.

Let that sink into your head.

This is yawgmoth's will plus one mana.
Posted By: TheSwarm (10/5/2011 2:18:16 PM)


Seems good and will probably see some play in eternal formats as a Burning Wish target. If it could re-use Lion's Eye Diamond as well, it would be sick and completely overpowered (so long Ill-Gotten Gains).

I'm curious to see whether someone finds a way to abuse its own flashback ability in some kind of Cephalid-like mill thing or along with some Entomb semi-chaining.
Posted By: blackjackz (10/5/2011 7:15:31 PM)


In standard, I think I'd pair this with Priest of Urubrask along with Infernal Plunge. It should be able to fuel burn and combos that aren't heavy on non-red mana.
Posted By: Haliax (10/6/2011 7:41:28 PM)


Brain Freeze, baby. Looks like your opponent got Freezer Burn.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (10/11/2011 9:11:46 AM)


Ancestral Recall has Ancestral Vision.
Time Walk has Time Warp.
Timetwister has Wheel of Fortune.
Black Lotus has Lotus Petal and Lion's Eye Diamond.
The Moxens have the Medalions.
Mana Drain has Scattering Stroke.
Counterspell has a whole arsonal of spells.
Necropotence has Yawgmoth's Bargain.
Living Death has Living End.
XYZ has Magus of the XYZ.

Now Yawgmoth's Will has this. In red. With flashback. In Standard. And Extended. And especially Modern. Hell yeah.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (10/15/2011 6:37:29 PM)


why couldn't this be the same as snapcaster, but without the creature.

but then i guess it would be $20 and i would never be able to afford a playset of these either.
Posted By: hello4am (11/23/2011 5:30:15 PM)


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