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I nearly did a spit-take when I bought the decks and was flipping through Devour for Power and saw this. I never, ever expected them to reprint this (outside of the FTV stuff, which is more of a collection than a group of cards to be played with).

And in the deck that creates lots of 1-butt tokens? Sick.

Makes sense, though, and I appreciate that they decided to do it out of respect for what most deckbuilders making that sort of deck would put in it, in the same way they put Sol Ring in all the decks, rather than trying to ignore its existence. Kinda fun to own one myself finally, too.
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (6/18/2011 11:29:57 AM)


I love this commander series. So many awesome awesome cards being reprinted that potentially make them go down in price or simply much easier to get. <3
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/19/2011 10:47:37 AM)


Skullclamp, y u so op?
Posted By: WateryMind (7/24/2011 9:28:20 PM)


Banned in our EDH playgroup. For the type of EDH games that I prefer, skullclamp's costs are too little for the awesomeness it does. Even with one copy, its still too easy to break. There can only be one copy, sure, but there can be plenty of tutor and recur effects in EDH. Sure you could counter-exile or shatter-exile it, or remove it from the graveyard, but it still just feels too powerful. And skullclamp+ grave pact? Disgusting. Note: we ban gravepact too. As well as spell crumple...
Whether your group plays with skullclamp or other similarly uber-potent cards really depends on how you see EDH. If you see it as a new format to build new ridiculously powerful decks that synergize with a general's abilities, by all means, play the clamp. If you see EDH as a somewhat slower paced format which allows for a wide variety of cards to flourish, then my feeling is that skullclamp is probably a bad idea.
Posted By: Gargantula (4/29/2012 2:39:09 PM)


Best draw engine in EDH, even better thanks to Trinket Mage. I mean, Rhystic Study even gets out-competed for a deck slot, and I never thought they'd reprint that either. Combine with Kher Keep for the lulz.
Posted By: Justice1337 (8/23/2011 3:26:22 PM)


WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!


TOKEN DECK!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

I don't know anything else about the decks except the broadest stuff from the hype.
I know almost nothing about EDH strategy.

But I'm calling the Skullclamp deck as the strongest of the five out of the box.
It's Skullclamp. Kinda wish they'd put it in New Phyrexia. It feels so Phyrexian!

Lol- NO NO NO! I'm KIDDING! this is barely legit in Legacy, I don't want to THINK what Caw-CLAMP would look like o.O
does not belong in Standard. ever.
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/22/2011 3:47:16 PM)


I'm guessing this is one of the few cards to begin life as an uncommon, become mythic, then go back to uncommon again.

There's only one in the deck at uncommon, but we all know what it's REAL rarity is.
Posted By: MechaKraken (6/24/2011 9:12:22 PM)


So tokens are powerful in Commander. Especially Ajani's token. And of course card draw is great. So overpowered card draw that works with weak tokens... that sounds fair XD
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (11/19/2012 10:57:39 AM)


I use Skullclamp in my Kresh reanimator/voltron EDH. My favourite use is with Goblin Assault at the moment. Goblin, swing, Skullclamp, draw two, sac (great with other pieces in play, such as Grave pact), profit. Just an amazing EDH piece.
Posted By: BobbySinclair (7/27/2013 12:42:15 AM)


Skullclamp and shrine of loyal legions are a great combo together
Posted By: Kyblueboy (12/23/2013 1:21:59 PM)