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Best (legal) blue spell for U and it will stay that way...always.
Posted By: Mitch_A (1/21/2012 10:38:32 PM)


This card is your "mini-mulligan" if you're iffy about your hand but don't want to drop a card. Amazing card, but it's not ALWAYS better than Ponder or Preordain.

I <3 it in my Pyromancer Ascension deck!
Posted By: Paleopaladin (3/19/2012 10:51:17 PM)


Now, you'll go nuts brainstorm with all this new miracle thingy.
Posted By: Lueseto (4/29/2012 10:32:14 PM)


This + Miracle spells = Love
Posted By: Binaro (5/4/2012 3:04:08 PM)


This card is just crazy good. Digs deep into your deck for just one mana (at instant speed, no less!), and protects two cards from discard (or more importantly, you can just put junk on top and then shuffle with a fetchland). And now with miracle, things like Temporal Mastery are going to be just sick. One of the best blue instants ever, if not instants period.
Posted By: Dustylou_2 (5/4/2012 5:53:28 PM)


Ponder wishes.
Posted By: steinburger1109 (7/1/2012 12:20:50 PM)


I'm kinda confused right now. I'm by all means not a "noob", but why do I prefer Preordain over this?
Now that I think about it, it does let you draw the three cards so you can utilize more of the cards you like/need.
And it's also instant speed so you can emergency use it for a counter spell or another combat trick.
But for some instances I like getting rid of "trash" (like useless lands in late-game), this card doesn't give me that option, whereas Preordain does.
Oh hell I'm just gonna use both.
Posted By: Dabok (7/27/2012 3:00:59 AM)


This could work very well with miracle. This card is the dude. Except she is a women, pardon ma'am, but your awesomer.
Posted By: wowsers (7/30/2012 7:46:42 AM)


As close as I'll ever get to Ancestral Recall. Just use a little imagination and when you draw those three cards, you just played an Ancestral Recall, before you have to put two cards back on the top of your library.
Posted By: mirosith (10/2/2012 3:07:00 PM)