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"Can't be countered" and Morph can never be useful together. I feel like one of those should have been dropped in favor of a different ability.
Posted By: Atali (2/3/2012 10:31:23 PM)


Works wonders with cards like Turn to Mist, Otherwordly Journey or Astral Slide. Play it face down, and if an opponent tries to Doom Blade it, then counter with one of those cards, and presto, you've got a 6/6 beatstick ready to roll out.
Posted By: SirZapdos (3/1/2012 6:36:59 AM)


If you want haste on her, morph her and then use Astral Slide to blink her on your opponents turn, keeping the morph safe from control spells as well, and when she comes back at the end of their turn, she goes through upkeep, loses sum sickness and can swing.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/6/2012 3:39:56 PM)



Not if she is your General in Commander.
Posted By: PlanesMoyza (4/30/2012 8:07:05 AM)


This card work great in a Blue/Red commander deck (Nin, the Pain Artist perhaps) with lots of other Morph cards. Willbender, Voidmage Apprentice and others all make it very difficult for your opponent to know what to do and what to target. Then, the morph is good because you can get her out earlier, and also make a guessing game out of who you just played.
Posted By: swords_to_exile (5/14/2012 10:24:46 PM)


I go back and forth about the superfluousness of Morph to be honest.

Flying, Trample, First Strike, Vigilance, Haste, Double Protection (Wrath)
Flying, Trample, Firebreathing, Uncounterability, Morph , Double Protection (Fury)

While the Morph allows for Fury to hit the battlefield up to two turns sooner than Wrath, seemingly more than making up for the Haste two turns later, the fact remains that all of Wrath's abilities function together seamlessly and two of Fury's never can - you are always implicitly choosing but one of Morph / Uncounterability. That being said, the (risky) option of going Morph is nifty and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love this card.

Posted By: bowlofgumbo (5/27/2012 4:19:38 AM)


This version got shafted out of haste, first strike, and vigilance. And its in red. This creature does not need nor want morph... Why would I want my akroma to die to shock or runeclaw bear?

Way to drop the ball on this version, its rated way less for a good reason.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/7/2012 5:14:50 PM)


Does her Morph ability circumvent her Commander cost? That is to say, could I put her into play from the Commander Zone for her Morph cost of {3} without paying the additional {2}-per-casting?
Posted By: Vulpus (11/22/2012 10:07:15 AM)


This, and Torchling, were great idea, but from a design standpoint... they're all over the place... and while both are powerful creatures in their own right, they also both fall waaay short of the originals. ijs
Posted By: nunyaJs (12/29/2012 9:46:12 PM)


I still can't believe this has no haste....

I dunno, I just can't really see why it doesn't have it. Maybe it's just me not noticing the morph or taking it seriously. I dunno.
Posted By: psychichobo (6/12/2013 9:54:45 AM)


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