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The -3 ability is the important one here. I suspect this will be played as 1WhiteWhite: target big creature you control gains flying and double strike until end of turn, you win.
+1 is boring (and why isn't this in Simic colors?). The -8 ability, if you get there, can be another good finisher. but outside of proliferating/doubling, getting there will take a while.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (7/5/2012 4:21:36 PM)


Has anyone noticed that his +1 stops Undying? Great card, except you NEED to have creatures out, but isn't that what white is all about? Solid card, and definitely not overpowered.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (7/8/2012 3:35:16 PM)


Ajani is back!
Posted By: SgtSwaggr (7/5/2012 5:55:39 PM)


@Gcrudaplaneswalker: How exactly does Ajani need creatures? The +1 ability says "up to one target creature," and the rulings on the card specifically state that no creature needs to be targeted in case you didn't know "up to one" includes 0. That wording was specifically chosen so that he wouldn't make you need a creature in order to increase his loyalty.

That said, I prefer the original to this guy. He is cheaper, sure, and his +1 is more relevant, but I like how Ajani Goldmane's second ability removes less loyalty counters and boosts your whole team rather than a single creature. Also, the final ability seems out of place, even after Zac Hill wrote about why it was design this way.
Posted By: sarroth (7/8/2012 7:01:27 PM)


@gman92 "because it's supposed to be a plane where Planeswalkers can't travel"
Pray tell where you got a silly idea like that.
Posted By: MyrBattlecube (7/11/2012 11:23:58 PM)


@sar roth
His -3 ability is actually more relevant now with the return of exalted. The whole point of exalted is to make a single creature much more powerful than a bunch of creatures combined. Adding evasion and doublestrike to an exalted creature is a nasty thing to do.
Posted By: EternalPhi (7/14/2012 8:18:08 AM)


This is a very solid Planeswalker and as Cyberium stated, his +1 is nice with Persist.
His art also reflects his -3 Ability. He has a two-bladed staff-thingy (double strike) and can throw creatures at your opponent.
Posted By: Misleading_Guide (7/15/2012 4:06:18 AM)


Sort of a spiritual successor to Elspeth, Knight-Errant, in terms of the second ability, and the one people will be raving about the most I think. CMC of three is downright amazing for a planeswalker of this caliber. His +1 is by no means spectacular, but is good enough and useful. His second ability can easily win games, but the thing that makes this worse than Elspeth is the fact the ability takes -3 from his loyalty, as opposed to Elspeth's being a +1. Spot removal and chump blocking can render the ability useless for that turn, and then you have to toss out a couple 1/1 counters before you can use the -3 again. It's definitely more balanced, but not as scary purely because you can't keep up the constant pressure like you could Elspeth. Nevertheless, I think this will be a very strong play in any of the human deck variants, and honestly any White Weenie rush in Standard. His -8 is okay and makes a good board bomb, but working loyalty to 3-4 and using the -3 seem... (see all)
Posted By: HedronMyr (7/5/2012 6:10:13 PM)


It's too bad the +1 isn't better. I really prefer control type planeswalkers for white, and while the -3 can win the game for you, it's unlikely you're ever going to use the ultimate.
Posted By: Nagoragama (2/12/2013 1:27:31 PM)


Posted By: hot4boys (1/28/2013 4:11:47 PM)