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@martinflake Yes on turn 4--7 its probably inferior to inspiration, but its not meant to be cast then, its meant to be cast on turn 8+ish. I can tell you after casting this on turn 9 in a control mirror this past weekend that this card is ridiculous!
Posted By: lonesilverwolf85 (10/22/2012 6:18:10 PM)


Of course this should be Mythic you guys! This has 5 X's (one in the mana cost, two in the rules, one in the name, and one in the art), and we all know new players can't understand the mystery of X's. Is X a variable? A roman numeral? If I pay 3 for X does the card's name become Sphin3's Revelation? These are the things new players have difficulty understanding.
Posted By: Demento_Recraves (9/26/2012 8:32:09 PM)


This card is wonderful for the classic playstyle of UW control. Planar Cleansing followed by a huge revelation could be good.
Posted By: lorendorky (9/28/2012 1:02:11 AM)


Why care about it deserves Mythic or not?

I don't care at all. I just know that it is a good card.

Remember Mind Spring? It is a great card, very flexible use.

This one is kind of the same. With 1 White extra mana, you will get more life with the instant speed. Isn't it good enough? I like it.
Posted By: Ike38 (9/30/2012 9:07:24 PM)


I can't believe everyone saying "Meh, this is just not as good as X card". They've clearly never used/played against it in a standard game.

Sure, there are better cards in Modern, Legacy et al, but that's literally ALWAYS going to be the case. In standard right now this is pretty much amazing card draw and life gain all rolled into one. Even giving yourself a 4 or 5 point life cushion in standard is devastating to an opponent, just watch their gleeful expression disappear when you crack this just before your turn starts :)
Posted By: ArresterMan (2/17/2013 11:07:37 PM)


It's mythic because it's instant. F***! it's like you guys don't even play magic. Do you even know how good that is?
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/30/2012 6:41:57 PM)


Should be targetted like Zenith and Stroke so I can use it as a kill card in combo decks. As it is, it is useless outside of control decks in a format slow enough to enable this kind of thing. Not even any political uses in multiplayer. I'll give it 3/5 for it's power in standard and EDH, but it's needless restriction ruins any use I would ever have for it.

And yes people, it being an instant makes ALL the difference. If this was a sorcery it really would have been unplayable trash.
Posted By: thisisnotmyname (12/25/2012 9:58:47 PM)


This card puts its caster so, so far ahead in so many resources if it resolves. The instant speed puts it over the top. The lifegain will keep your head above water versus aggro like red deck wins and zombies. The cards help grind out a midrange or control mirror. Sphinx's Revelation does a lot of things well, and is easily Type 2 Mainboard Material. If your deck can't support casting big spells, then you should not be putting mana-suckers in your deck anyways. 4.5/5 in standard.
Posted By: Hygroscopicguy (1/11/2013 8:08:11 PM)


@EnPassant: Your comment just gave me a migraine. You cannot be serious. You cannot be serious. If you had any semblance of experience, you would realize that not every card is meant to be played as soon as possible. This isn't RDW. Control's game plan is to keep itself alive until it can play this and blow the opponent out of the water. As shown by RedWhiteBlue's success in Standard, it works. It works very well. You will never play this as a cantrip, and very rarely as an Inspiration; even then, you've at least given yourself card advantage with mana that you otherwise wouldn't have used. It's certainly more of a midgame card than one that you just draw and drop. And are you seriously comparing this to Rooftop Storm and Omniscience? Really? Two cards with entirely different applications as this. You've got to be kidding me. And then there's the Syncopate comment. Yes, because my opponents never... (see all)
Posted By: Continue (5/7/2013 9:28:34 AM)


It's slightly better than Blue Sun's Zenith in Standard, especially with all those Snapcaster Mages.
Posted By: NuckChorris (10/7/2012 11:36:24 AM)