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Hi, I'm Oliver Reed and I'll be your asskickingest Musketeer for the afternoon.
Posted By: SomeSortOfWonderful (1/19/2013 10:56:21 AM)


Begs to be buffed. Tame in a vacuum, though.
Posted By: James_Kernaghan (1/27/2013 4:25:51 AM)


Even in a vacuum, this is still a 2/1 first strike for 2. That's not absolutely awful. Then when you incorporate how big and powerful you can make this card, it really deserves at least a 4.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (2/26/2013 8:07:18 PM)


On turn 3, Fencing Ace suddenly developed some Madcap Skills, and went to town.
Posted By: IdeaGuy (2/28/2013 2:39:56 PM)


Wait... is this better or worse than Elite Vanguard?
Posted By: u60cf28 (3/12/2013 3:39:58 PM)



Firstly, I'll assume you're kidding.

Then, in case you aren't, I'll tell you that Fencing Ace kills Elite Vanguard and lives, due to double strike. On the other hand, Elite Vanguard does come out a turn earlier. In a vacuum(comparing card for card with no other considerations), I'll wait the extra turn and play Fencing Ace, because he can still bust up little 1/1 weenies and live to tell the tale.
Posted By: MagicBrad (4/8/2013 9:14:21 PM)


This card is the main staple in my exalted deck, Add Holy mantle to it to ensure a broken victory.
Posted By: Landmine (5/25/2013 3:11:32 PM)


Since when does adding red mana get you a point of toughness?
Posted By: DeckMechanic (10/26/2013 9:52:10 PM)


By himself, he's rather tame. However, this guy is a total powerhouse with the right instants/enchants who can swing for ridiculous amounts on turn 3.
Posted By: Sneetches (1/3/2014 9:29:56 AM)