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Well, this is a worse version of frost titan. The titan is harder to kill, has much better stats, costs less mana, requires only one color, can tap lands and cap tan stuff the turn it enters play. It only taps one permanent a turn, but it's still far more powerful than this guy.
That beeing said: this archon ain't that bad either. It's obviously a bomb in limited, and somewhat playable in Commander. In standard... I think it's a bit too expensive. I'll give it a 3.5.
Posted By: majinara (9/27/2012 1:33:52 AM)


This is like a Frost Titan, but slightly less broken, but more broken at the same time.
Posted By: TraRobins (9/29/2012 9:28:24 AM)


This guy is fantastic in limited - during the prerelease, I was using IZZET but splashed white for America, and in conjunction with Hypersonic Dragon, those guys controlled the skies when they were on the battlefield together.

Give this guy haste and have a party.
Posted By: AmericanVigor (9/29/2012 12:07:45 PM)


I think this card should be rated at 4 stars. It's not a mythic rare like Frost Titan so that is not a fair comparison. And in Limited at least this guy in a monster! I played Azorious at the pre-release today and when this guy came out and I got to attack he pretty much sealed up the game. You are making two (2) permanents effectively useless for most of 2 turns. Big creatures? Annoying artifacts? Forget about it.
Posted By: themicronaut (9/30/2012 12:09:23 AM)


This card is better than people think. This and Martial Law flat out dominated creture matchups at the pre release every time he hit the table i untapped and that was game even if my opponent had one more turn it was useless as there Hypersonic dragons and other big nasties were just watching as this guy along with Skymark Roc pounded face over and over again. 4.5 of 5 only because its costs 7 but you can delay the game long enough with u/w detain long enough to get him into play.
Posted By: Oldschoollands (9/30/2012 6:39:18 AM)


This guy is huge in limited. If gets to attack, the game is often over. The ability to repeatedly detain two creatures means this guy will likely hit the opponent along with another attacking creature. There is no question he's expensive and somewhat small, but he demands attention.
Posted By: DeftMunky (9/30/2012 1:31:30 PM)


Are you serious? 3.5? People are really underestimating detain. This guy is really solid.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (9/30/2012 5:45:29 PM)


In standard, this guy is somewhat solid but if I have 7 mana and a controll shel (which is what you need if you ever want to land this), but I prefer Drogskol Reaver instead.
In limited, if you untap with this it is almost a game over... it's resistant to almost all of the commom-uncommon removals.
Posted By: lagg (9/30/2012 9:07:01 PM)


Amazing in Limited. Got the promo and another from a basic pack, but the rest of my pool was trash (I couldn't use any of the other 5 rares). The only games I managed to win were won by beating face with this guy. Maybe a little pricy, but a good effect nonetheless.
Posted By: CaptainNinJoe (10/1/2012 1:57:46 PM)


The ability is game-ending, but 6 mana is still a little rough, especially for Blue/White. Would have preferred a smaller creature at 5 mana, or the same but legendary at 5.
Posted By: WiNGSPANTT (10/3/2012 1:06:49 PM)


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