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Stopped Emrakul in a casual game i was playing at the pre-release. Gets 5 stars from me
Posted By: Averyck (7/7/2012 12:16:52 AM)


Posted By: ThisisSakon (7/6/2012 9:34:04 PM)


Anyone else think she was an odd choice to add to the W/B Exalted Intro Pack deck? Otherwise cool card. I'd like to see some cool strategies with this card.
Posted By: alphagprime (7/7/2012 10:24:52 AM)


3/6 deathtouch is pretty pimp on its own. Add in the petrification and you've got yourself a pretty serious bit of control. It's a solid 4/5
Posted By: Priz (7/7/2012 9:51:29 PM)


A new Gorgon, and one that turns other creatures to stone no less. Awesome. And as if that weren't good enough, she also fits perfectly into a Sisters of Stone Death EDH deck keeping your opponent's creatures untapped waiting to be lured and exiled.
I'm going to say it again, because I feel it bares repeating. Awesome.
Posted By: N3wtn (7/11/2012 11:25:00 PM)


I wasn't able to go to the prerelease because I was broke, so I missed out on this card. I guess I will be buying my promo from ebay... (sigh) =/
Posted By: MechaKraken (7/12/2012 2:32:45 AM)


This is actually a great card for EDH. Try using its ability on your opponent's general. They won't be happy.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/12/2012 8:19:02 PM)


I've been thinking of using this in my ramp deck in combo with Overgrown Battlement. Either taking control of opponent creatures, creating tokens, or just using it on creatures I wouldn't attack with anyway. Great way to keep green mana coming if I need it badly. Plus I love the promo art.
Posted By: Wurmcaller (7/13/2012 10:43:22 PM)


Could see some use in Commander since it handles Indestructible creatures to some extent... they still stick around, but they become nothing but walls. Still, it is rather large, slow, and costly.
Posted By: Radagast (7/16/2012 2:36:42 PM)


Put a petrification counter on your opponent's creature and follow up with your favorite artifact destruction.
Posted By: somegeek (7/21/2012 8:38:59 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!