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Why do people hate this card? Not the best but not the worst either, in fact many times useful.
Posted By: Kleidokratwr (8/16/2012 4:37:52 AM)


@VirusVescichetta: M13 and innistrad both rotate out in October 2013.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (9/5/2012 3:06:37 AM)


For 4 mana, I personally think this should give you somewhere around 10 life. But that's just me.
I'd much rather they reprint Healing Salve or Rest for the Weary. Neither are amazing, but they certainly seem so when compared to this piece of garbage.

That being said, Rest for the Weary is actually pretty efficient for vanilla life gain. This is not at all.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (12/18/2012 7:38:40 PM)


This is the worst card ever that Lotsofpoopy has commented on, according to ratings.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/3/2013 7:49:25 PM)


When my friends and I are playing casually, I hate this card because it boosts their life total when I have them within a searing spear of killing them.
Posted By: WindMasterArceus (8/26/2013 10:37:48 AM)


Type your comment here.
Posted By: Jitteryowl (10/29/2013 4:23:56 PM)


I would argue Rest for the Weary is better, since the lower CMC of {1}{W} greatly increases how easy it is to play when instants are best played - on other players turns (for example, casting it at the end of an opponent's turn after sacrificing a Terramorphic Expanse to trigger landfall)
Posted By: tcollins (2/1/2014 9:20:01 AM)


my brother hates this card when i play it and hates it more when i use Cancel or Mindstatic when he plays it.
I definitely think this card is a little OP for casual play, but whatever it takes to win!
Posted By: GruulicAzorian (2/6/2014 6:04:40 AM)


This is the card to play if you want to lose the respect of your children and your wife.
Posted By: car2n (3/26/2014 5:49:52 AM)