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Don't expect Distress to be "Black Shock" for long- (ie the Black One-mana Common Core Staple)

I would be unsurprised to see them replace this with the Planeswalker Hating Despise in a future Core Set. Red, Blue, and Black tend to cycle their commons in Core Sets a lot more than White or Green. This doesn't mean we won't see Duress again later, only that we won't see it every year.
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/30/2013 12:13:21 AM)


I prefer it to Thoughtsieze AND Inquisition of Kozilek; as do many vintage players. T1 Duress is one of my favorite moves; as I get to plan the rest of my game accordingly. It works wonders with Unmask as well (which is often a $4 Thoughtsieze that gets rid of a card you didn't need for a card they did.)

If the opponent is going to win; even in Zoo, they probably need instants/sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, or planeswalkers to get there. This can kill Rancor or Propaganda, can eat up a Terminate or Path to Exile; munches that Oath of Druids right up or kills off a Wrath of God.

Force of Will? Moar leik force of making you discard it *trollface*

Yeah, occasionally it misses, but it doesn't cost you life, doesn't cost you $70, and 90% of the time this hits what you ... (see all)
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/18/2013 11:56:05 AM)