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Strictly cooler-looking than Emrakul.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/14/2011 9:02:49 AM)


play him in my green elf deck, pop out an elvish piper. DONE.
Posted By: jista (3/5/2012 10:17:53 AM)


Too weak. Dies to UIamog, the lnfinite Gyre.

Posted By: Swag_Crow (1/13/2014 3:39:25 AM)


"To the windows. To the wall, to the wall....."
Posted By: ZombieVegetarian (12/10/2012 5:16:34 PM)


I just realized something. I's first effect says "When Ulamog is cast" not "Comes into play". Cast means when it is put onto the stack, not when it resolves so countering Ulamog will not stop a permanent from being destroyed.
Posted By: Moxxy (12/16/2012 11:43:24 AM)


If Kozilek, Butcher of Truth were indestructible, I'd play him instead. But although drawing 4 cards is really great, he wont stick around long enough to swing.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (1/12/2013 6:03:22 AM)


Much better art than his very famous brother..

I still think the Artisan of Kozilek is probably the best of the Eldrazi effect vs. cost wise.
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/28/2013 8:51:28 AM)


He's not tall enough to have Reach!
Posted By: Dragonshoredreamz (6/4/2013 8:14:41 PM)


@swords_to_exile: I do, but my commander is Kozilek for the delicious uncounterable 4 card draw and huge 12/12 body. I couldn't care less about indestructible things when I can give him hexproof or shroud easily.
Posted By: Continue (7/10/2013 8:05:10 PM)


You could just put him in the other 99 cards. Gives you defense against mill and a super late game bomb.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/29/2013 5:11:39 AM)