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Kresh, the Bloodbraided EDH approves .
Posted By: NicodemusCromwell (1/27/2012 11:06:59 PM)



Thats the point. They're trying to slow down the format with higher costed stuff. And honestly not that bad in EDH..... Doran maybe?
Posted By: phyrexiantrygon (1/29/2012 1:01:11 PM)


this is actually pretty decent....especially if you sacrifice a tree of redemption
Posted By: Avenged7fold (2/9/2012 11:41:25 AM)


This + Warstorm Surge + Undying creatures
Posted By: Redeemer707 (2/12/2012 11:39:26 AM)


Commander Review: meh, it's so-so. Six mana is a lot for an enchantment that does nothing unless you feed it creatures. And only one creature each turn. I guess it's good for a deck that features a lot of cards that temporarily steal creatures, so you can sac them to this enchantment. In other decks, I don't think it's that great.
Posted By: majinara (1/30/2012 12:23:17 AM)


This is a beast with Gutter grime
Posted By: cvvc (2/19/2012 11:23:46 AM)


Turn 1: Forest, Joraga Treespeaker
Turn 2: Forest, Level up Joraga Tree Speaker, Cast two more Jorgaga Treespeaker
Turn 3: Forest, Tap First Joraga, level up another Joraga, then tap that one to level up the third, Tap two forest plus third Joraga for Tree of Redemption
Turn 4: Forest, Essence of the Wild
Turn 5, Switch life total with Tree of Redemption. Play Feed the Pack and Parallel Lives, Sack Tree of Redemption to Feed the Pack. Hello 40 6/6 tokens.

Okay so it's a one in a million chance of drawing these cards, but you know it'd be cool to pull off!
Posted By: MrFluffyThing (2/20/2012 9:20:34 AM)


Coat of Arms
Posted By: dontmess17 (2/21/2012 11:03:44 PM)


Fantastic in limited. Fun in casual constructed.

I don't dislike the art - it's actually quite chilling - but why do Steve Prescott's wolves look like mickey mouse?
Posted By: Steinhauser (2/28/2012 1:34:02 PM)


Quick thing-it's actually not that good with Essence of the Wild. Both of them are CMC of 6, even in a pretty dedicated ramp deck, you WILL have difficulty getting them out in time.

Tree of Redemption is a fun one, though.
Posted By: Negated (2/29/2012 8:53:04 PM)


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