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Strange reprint before a multicolored block, but lovely nonetheless.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (7/24/2012 3:09:03 PM)


Awesome flavor. I so want to make a good deck with this guy. Sigh...
Posted By: SgtPepperjack (7/30/2012 7:14:23 AM)


Great card to toss into my Darksteel Reactor deck.
Posted By: Emperorerror (8/5/2012 1:18:06 AM)


Use Cloudshift to exile, bring back to battlefield, pop down another Phylactery counter on an additional artifact, makes it a bit more difficult to destroy. AMIRITE???
Posted By: EpicLootz (8/28/2012 1:44:21 PM)


Zealous Con***s thank you for not letting this destroy aggro decks.
Posted By: MrMailman (9/8/2012 3:36:05 PM)


If you look at the art closely, you can see he has an amulet tied to the end of his staff, presumably his Phylactery. Looks a lot like a Darksteel Relic to me.
Posted By: Skeletextman (10/25/2012 11:35:55 PM)


How to win turn 2:
Turn 1: your starting hand needs to be swamp, forest, darksteel relic, dark ritual, tainted strike, groundswell, and phylactery lich. Play a swamp, play dark ritual, play darksteel relic, play phylactery lich, end the turn
Turn 2: tainted strike, groundswell, win
Posted By: PrOgentius (11/3/2012 4:37:37 PM)


He makes me want to create a deck with Darksteel Garrison... Both indestructible and a 6/6 creature for 3cmc..... This could be a very fun card to tinker with.
Posted By: Zylo- (11/13/2012 10:36:06 PM)


T2: Nim Deathmantle
T3: This, putting phylactery counter on Deathmantle.
T4: Equip Nim Deathmantle onto the Lich, swing with your 7/7 indestructible intimidate xD
Posted By: zzxyyzx (12/7/2012 6:30:59 PM)


I have a mono-black deck and I recently added two of these guys to it. I just play casual games with friends, so our decks are constructed of some old cards and some new ones from an assortment of sets. Obviously, anyone with the money to run 4 Mox cards in their deck has a great advantage over their opponent. But even then, when I can manage a 5/5 indestructible out on the first turn, it's a pleasant feeling.

Swamp and 1 Mox Jet to Demonic Tutor for another Mox Jet to cast Dark Ritual to summon my Lich. With the help of Liliana's Caress, another Dark Ritual and two Mind Twists later, my opponent was finished by turn 3. It was a lucky turn 3 draw for that second Mind Twist, otherwise it would have been turn 4 unless he managed to pull something off.

I usually prefer the games to last much long... (see all)
Posted By: Squeeble_Jumjum (12/16/2012 8:03:04 PM)


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