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Posted By: rollinsclone (8/26/2012 9:22:48 AM)


Eh, Inquisition of Kozilek is a lot more effective most of the time. Getting rid of your opponents crucial early game often can cripple their strategy much more than this. And even if you do kill their fatty/wincon before they play it, they'll have plenty of time to draw a new one for a backup plan. The cards you can hit with this aren't going to be relevant until later in the game. So for now, I'd say it suffers from the same syndrome that afflicts Scute Mob, Songs of the Damned, High Tide, Dragonmaster Outcast and Death's Shadow. They're all great 1 drops, just not usually for turn 1.

That being said, this is probably a godsend for black EDH players everywhere.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (10/9/2012 6:24:10 PM)


"Target Brains reveals his or her Brains. Brains choose a Brains from Brains with Brains 4 or Brains and Brains that Brains."- How Zombie Boy reads this card
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2012 5:43:25 PM)


What to do when you're in a magic card: Do not shave your head.
Posted By: RikerBlake (7/6/2012 2:16:30 PM)


Do they play this card while smoking bath salts in Miami?

Anyway, the reverse CMC would be a much better card. In limited, it's not great - I'd usually rather have an additional creature. In constructed, it's sideboard against animator at best...

2.5/5 generously...
Posted By: FFTHSUNSET71 (6/7/2012 1:33:16 PM)


Weird. Early random discard, like hymn to tourach, are about manascrewing an opponent. Discard like duress are about buying time for control decks by getting rid of threats the opponent would play soon and you can't handle.
This card? With it's one mana, you might play it on turn one. But what do you care about cards with cmc4 on turn one? They won't be played anytime soon anyway. Except in a reanimator deck, and then you'd help the opponent by making him discard it.
And later on, you might just play a more powerful discard spell, to make your opponent discard most or all of his hand.

It's not bad, but it seems someone... weird, that a spell you might want to play on turn 1 has as main targets cards that won't be played soon anyway.

Also, I can imagine that quite often this card will find nothing. If on turn one, your opponent has three lands on hand, and four others... Then I can imgine those other four often beeing at three or less casting cost.

In short: I don't think this is as ... (see all)
Posted By: majinara (4/26/2012 11:45:09 PM)


IMO.. This card isn't great. As someone who builds discard decks around cards LIKE this, and pretty good ones I might add, this all but sucks. Flavor wise, obviously it "fits" black and yet still, it's a little over the top as more and more people are getting away from high cmc creatures and smarter players have (realistically) 2 maybe 3 (which, IMO is a stretch) "brains" aka creatures of cmc 4 or greater in their deck. What I REALLY dislike about this, is that 99.9% of the times it will be cast, it will have little to no immediate impact on the game whatsoever. I play the majority of my single card discard turns 1-4.. let's say you play it turn 2 and HAPPEN to hit for a Titan.. Ok, now they've got 4 turns to get it back or draw one of their reserves.. My point/consencis in general is this: Yes, it does a great job getting a game changing card out of your opp's hand and into the graveyard at any turn of the game but this game has evolved into the graveyard being as rewarding if not MOR... (see all)
Posted By: Mike-C (5/8/2012 6:19:13 AM)


Appetite for Titan Brains!
Posted By: Vividice (4/26/2012 5:36:41 PM)


Gaddock Teeg has an appetite for brain as well...
Posted By: Cyberium (4/26/2012 7:22:51 PM)


Now we know how the guy in Distress got those marks on his head AND why he's insane.
Posted By: Goatllama (4/27/2012 1:59:06 PM)


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