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LOL! Green control card.

Less good than Grand Abolisher for me, but easier to splash in another color.
Posted By: Anzu-chan (10/25/2012 6:11:08 AM)


I like color hoses that don't explicitly mention the color it hoses.
Posted By: SeriesOfTubes (12/24/2012 5:57:43 PM)


One of the most powerful hosers ever printed, and the card that protected delicate combo pieces in decks like Prosperity/Cadaverous Bloom, often considered one of the first true combo decks. It hoses all kinds of things, from countermagic (blue) to instant creature removal (black), which are weaknesses of green. The beauty of it was that you couldn't Disenchant it the turn it dropped either, so your only hope was to counter it. And with black's rich suite of discard, you could play Coercion or the like to make sure you protected your City from countermagic before laying it down.

The art is also fantastic and evocative. It's also a green control card, which is sorely lacking in the game's history. This card gets a 5/5 for me, the perfect mix of subtlety, beauty and utility.
Posted By: Equinox523 (4/26/2013 7:39:57 AM)


"It stops mana abilities?! So if I have a triggered ability that says 'whenever such and such happens, you may pay 1, and it's not my turn'... I can't..." --KikiJikiTiki

You are mistaken.
A triggered ability and an activated ability are two different things, even if the triggered ability basically offers an option ("may"-clause) that could be considered an activation cost like on Mind's Eye, Cemetry Puka or Ajani's Pridemate.
See for yourself on this very card's ruling notes:
"City of Solitude does not stop triggered abilities from being put on the stack. They are never 'activated'."

Triggered ability always start with words like "When(ever)" or "If"; activated abilities can easily be identified by their colon, with the activation cost left from it and the abilities' effect right from it.
Posted By: Mode (10/15/2013 11:53:10 AM)


Meh, I prefer City of Windhelm.
Posted By: Totema (10/19/2013 1:05:17 AM)


@Mode: KikiJikiTiki meant triggered abilities like the one on Rishadan Cutpurse, which reads "When Rishadan Cutpurse enters the battlefield, each opponent sacrifices a permanent unless he or she pays 1." If someone casts Rishadan Cutpurse when City of Solitude is out, none of their opponents will be able to pay 1 unless they have a triggered ability like Mana Echoes, as they can't tap lands for mana.

The strongest card to combo with this strategy is Fade Away, which requires opponents to sacrifice one permanent for every creature they control.
Posted By: syrazemyla (3/9/2014 1:34:05 PM)


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