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3/5. Gal darn blue players and your friggin' illusions.
Posted By: chrome_dome (1/28/2013 5:26:32 AM)


Should cost less than it does.
Posted By: Traius (8/1/2013 12:00:33 PM)


Easy target for discarding and you have to pay every turn, but this thing can do some work.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/23/2013 6:17:46 PM)


Interesting ability turns out to be a great evolve enabler on an otherwise weak blue card.
Posted By: xenohedron (1/25/2013 8:10:23 PM)


Jace the Mad? lol

Still looking out for Niv Mizzet the Mad
Posted By: GearLeader (1/26/2013 10:23:01 AM)


Give it first strike with an equipment and it will almost never die.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/26/2013 6:13:58 PM)


He also put in some work in the Prerelease with Consuming Aberration.
Posted By: Kelptic183 (1/27/2013 9:06:02 AM)


This was totally legit for me at the pre-re. Helps get all your evolve guys up to huge levels. Also, I was never unhappy when he returned to my hand... generally either the 5 damage or killing a creature was totally worth recasting it.
Posted By: CastleOrange (1/29/2013 12:16:44 PM)


It's funny how there's some Dimir-coloured spells that don't work with Cipher and work well with extort.
Mortus Strider isn't exactly as volitile as this, but it's one of the best creatures to work with Extort: You get a blocker AND a moderately cheap spell to play each turn.

As others have said (and I didn't figure out until now), this is probably best with Evolve: most evolve creatures start with less than 5 power and/or toughness, so you can keep evolving them.

Gyre Sage works amazingly well with this, because when it becomes a 5/6, you can get GreenGreenGreenGreen per turn: perfect space for that last Blue.

It's a shame that it doesn't deal damage and then go away, surviving combat, but the reminder text is really necessary... at least for noobs like me. Give this first strike, and...
Posted By: Ferlord (2/1/2013 6:51:55 AM)


Really subtle with the flavour text there.
Posted By: Renasce (2/21/2013 11:24:02 PM)