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The new wording looks... clumsy. I kinda wish they kept it the same.
Posted By: Totema (7/9/2013 4:46:23 PM)


So New Phyrexia got a hold of this and did what to it exactly? Come on, Elesh Norn, you know you wanna put a pope hat right on top of that tower.
Posted By: pedrodyl (7/12/2013 3:23:48 PM)


It's a good card, but why did they reprint it? Unless the next set's going to have an artifact theme, it really has no purpose in standard.
Posted By: JaketheBurningMan (7/14/2013 7:52:58 PM)


Well, great, the Phyrexians got their hands on one of these. The Mirrans are done for. Again.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/25/2013 7:55:27 PM)


adavey_mtg, I use my Master Transmuter. That Darksteel Relic? Nope, that's a Forge on turn 4
Posted By: TheFifthGear (8/1/2013 4:11:46 PM)


the best thing about this reprint is the new flavor text by Elesh Norn
Posted By: New_Flesh (8/9/2013 7:10:05 PM)


useBraids, Conjurer Adept and drop it quick.Mycosynth Lattice to be evil. Broodstar and of coursePlatinum Angel cause why not?
Posted By: LegionRat (9/22/2013 8:23:55 PM)


Worldslayer's BFF.
Posted By: Zaneshift (9/23/2013 5:14:56 PM)


Norn in the forge, moldin' some blightsteel!
Posted By: Goatllama (12/6/2013 7:41:15 AM)


Great card for Timmy and interesting enough for Johnny, but instant trade-bin fodder for Spike. Decks that plan on hardcasting this followed by a turn 10 Nevinyrral's Disk literally lose to a single turn 1 Goblin Guide.

It doesn't help that Avacyn, Angel of Hope is a card either. If you plan on actually hardcasting either of them in a deck that runs white, there's very little reason not to chose the 8/8 flying, vigilant angel that protects all your permanents and comes in a turn earlier.

Lastly, if you plan on cheating artifacts into play a la Master Transmuter or Tinker, you're much better off putting into play an actual win condition like Blightsteel Colossus or Inkwell Leviathan. If you're using Show and Tell, just put into play an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.
Posted By: troll_berserker (12/13/2013 4:31:05 AM)


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