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I feel like it's time for a green card something like this:
Autumn's Harvest Casting cost: 0
Add G to your mana pool and give target creature +0/+1 until end of turn.
(The flavor is that harvesting is the fun part of growing things and therefore is effortless, and also that this harvest will fortify a creature.)

Any thoughts? I feel as though this is not overpowered. It is balanced because it eats up a card draw spot and isn't a cantrip, yet just powerful enough to cause some devastation with cards like Giant Growth or with mana ramp or with G cost regeneration.
Posted By: Phelplan (8/18/2013 9:56:22 AM)


Functional reprints should allow me to keep using my Llanowar Elves in standard...
Posted By: steinburger1109 (8/21/2013 8:53:49 AM)


The most I've wanted a card for one of my edh decks in two blocks
Posted By: wyump (7/10/2013 9:23:26 AM)


Still not quite Drudge Skeletons/Restless Dead/Walking Dead/Unworthy Dead, but it's a start.
Posted By: Majinkajisan (7/10/2013 7:45:36 PM)


Someday I will make a deck that is nothing but mana elves and it will be glorious.
Posted By: rollinsclone (7/13/2013 4:46:49 PM)


Hmm... I guess they finally printed a 1/1 elf that taps for green that isn't region-specific. Llanowar Elves were so ubiquitous I never really considered that, ha ha.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/14/2013 1:11:18 AM)


@ Raexs Llanowar is reborn!
Posted By: Taudisban (7/14/2013 7:09:47 AM)


Nothing new, but a staple in the magic world.
Posted By: Purplerooster (7/14/2013 4:33:03 PM)


I prefer almost-but-not-quite-the-same functional reprints like Arbor Elves-- At least there you can have fun thinking of the corner cases where they're different. Truly identical cards like this just feel uncreative.
Posted By: sonorhC (8/22/2013 10:16:53 PM)


A fixed Llanowar Elves, at last! With a flavor text by Nissa Revane, no less! When we'll see her again?
Posted By: PlanesMoyza (9/16/2013 5:58:51 AM)


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