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What's a card that profits off of bunches and bunches of Humans entering the battlefield quickly and cheaply?

Oh, yeah, all the Human support cards that are rotating out of Standard really soon. Ah well, at least we have Xathrid Necromancer and sac outlets.

The demon thing is fringe. I doubt it'll ever happen much. It's just card disadvantage.
Posted By: JSSarfin (7/9/2013 1:58:19 PM)


Might be fun to try and combo with Lord of The Void and at that point as long as you have a way to protect him from any spells you can start using your opponents deck against them. Then throw in an elixir of immortality to go through and repeat the process for other demons. Sounds awesome to me.
Posted By: neverlosehope222 (10/5/2013 3:14:53 PM)


I feel this is a terrible card. What kills it is sacrificing 6. While that might be a symbolic number, that is likely more of these guys then you will have in your starting hand, the definition of an all in strategy. Not only that imagine how terrible it would be for what your pulling to get removed instantly.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/10/2013 5:40:27 AM)


My new Mono-Black deck:
Shadowborn Apostle x60
Posted By: MasterOfCruelties (7/9/2013 2:29:41 PM)


Check the rulings, people:
"Shadowborn Apostle’s first ability lets you ignore only the “four-of” rule. It doesn’t let you ignore format legality."
In other words, you can only have one of this in EDH, just like any other card. Which makes it useless in that format.
Posted By: sonorhC (8/23/2013 8:17:56 AM)


I've just realized the obviously intentional combo with Shadowborn Demon.

Goddammit Wizards.
Posted By: Sabisent (7/10/2013 5:58:59 AM)


I love cards with no deck inclusion limit.
Which might be weird to say, since this is only the second card to get that treatment (or at least the third to be designed with that intention).

Unfortunately, the reason this one got the "basic" honorific is the reason why it's not that interesting at the same time.

Six creatures is a lot by itself, and it wouldn't even have been necessary to even require six times one very particular type of card at the same time to do that.

In comparison, Dark Supplicant does something similar and requires only two other sacrifices besides himself that share his creature type.
He is restricted to summoning Scion of Darkness as opposed to Shadowborn Apostle, who, aside from the obvious choice, could visually summon any demon, Scion included.
I see that Wizards wanted to change Dark Su... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (7/14/2013 7:02:09 AM)


Bonkers with Bloodbond March: Whenever you play an Apostle, every one you've sacrificed, discarded, or dredged into your grave will come back to life, ready for another go. Likewise, if any copies of the demon you fetch are in your grave, they'll return too. Harvester of Souls would fit well in such a build, since every subsequent Apostle activation will draw you six cards. Odds are, one of those cards will be another Apostle, which when played will bring them all back again, and then you can sac them to draw six more cards, and...
Posted By: Cubozoan (7/14/2013 8:07:39 AM)


Get this:

60 Swamps
20 Islands (probably a more sophisticated land base would be preferable)
140 Shadowborn Apostles
4 Rune-Scarred Demon
4 Battle of Wits

Search for Rune-Scarred, then search for Battle of Wits, then proceed to win.
Posted By: SgtSwaggr (7/16/2013 10:01:53 PM)


Great combo with Grave Pact, Blood Artist, and Thrumming Stone. This also gives you something good to use to cheat Demon of Death's Gate out. Imagine, sac three creatures, pay six life. Well three creatures just died, so Blood Artist gets you three life back and lets you deal three damage to your opponent. Grave Pact triggers, your opponent has to sac three guys. That nets you three more life and you deal three more damage. Then your 9/9 flying, trampler hits. So with the perfect hand, turn 4 you delt 6 damage, killed three of your opponents creatures, and got a huge creature out with virtually no draw back. Epic.
Posted By: Cygore (7/17/2013 8:25:53 AM)


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