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Pretty much strictly worse than Brittle Effigy in effect and in activation cost. If this could also burn players, that would have been at least one redeeming trait, but they couldn't even do that. 1/5, bad limited fodder.
Posted By: troll_berserker (2/10/2014 2:37:23 PM)


Will be grabbed up in limited.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (9/18/2013 11:03:59 AM)


Just the thing for my Xena: Warrior Princess theme deck!
Posted By: iandustrial (9/20/2013 12:54:42 PM)


Im so mad this is taking an uncommon spot. It is so similar to spellbombs, however it is SO much worse. and Uncommon.
Posted By: S733L (9/25/2013 4:09:30 PM)


Why do they even waste time printing cards this horrible?
Posted By: Theneonwind (9/28/2013 10:56:02 AM)


Well, at least it can help Affinity and Metalcraft for the low price of 1, and in case you need to, it can burn a creature, so it's not totally useless...
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/30/2013 12:22:47 AM)


Turned Moonglove Extract out to be overpowered or something?
Posted By: Mode (9/30/2013 7:55:01 AM)


Here's something to think about. I recently read Aron Forscythe's comment on Thunder Totem. In it, he mentions Aeolipile and the huge mistake that is the reserve list. I feel like Flamecast Wheel can't hit players or be cheap-ish burn for all colours, that'd be too close to Aeolipile wouldn't it?

Well, that's not exactly true, the reserve list prevents them from putting a reprint or functional reprint in a set. So... I don't see why they couldn't give us a proper searing spear artifact for a couple of mana cheaper. But then... Well... It's Theros. I'm not sure removal is allowed.
Posted By: HotHit (10/5/2013 3:51:08 AM)


One wheel to burn them all,
one wheel to revolt them,
one wheel to spurn them all
and in the darkness... bolt them.
Posted By: Salient (10/13/2013 11:07:20 AM)


Chakram from Xena: Warrior Princess !!
Posted By: Arcas83 (10/20/2013 5:42:39 AM)


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