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Use Animate Artifact.

"Hammer of Purphoros: Legendary Enchantment Artifact Creature"
Posted By: Flyinpenguin117 (9/22/2013 3:45:53 PM)


I'm fairly sure enchantment artifact creature token was the result of a drunken R&D bet.
Posted By: Taudisban (9/17/2013 11:31:13 PM)


With Fervor, after board-wipe: Urgh, all my creatures...

With this, after board-wipe: What's that? A board-wipe? Fine, I'll just start chucking these lands at you instead.

By today's standard, a 3/3 costs 2 mana at least while a 3/3 with haste costs 3 mana at least, so the cost is totally fine as it is. I certainly won't mind topdecking this either.
Posted By: FIAmagic (9/24/2013 1:05:55 AM)


Now THIS is something I could see coming out of Purphoros's passion for Nylea.
Posted By: SpaceMagic (9/25/2013 4:11:19 PM)


I pulled this in the theros release draft, my opponent got hammerd with 3/3 haste creatures when i started sacking my lands... my life was virtually untouched in that game... I love this card! Oh yeah,Fervor , meet your better half!
Posted By: wrathofdave430 (9/28/2013 12:22:28 AM)


Its second ability is terrible when it first comes out - but then I like to imagine it takes Puphoros a few turns till he's settled into his workshop and can begin destroying mountains.
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/30/2013 5:05:36 PM)


TG: got it from purphoros
EB: who's that?
TG: really tough to kill dude
EB: you killed him for it?
TG: nope
EB: how'd you get it then?
TG: shenanigans
Posted By: PhantomDust (10/2/2013 8:08:17 PM)


Purphoros is by far my favorite card in the set flavor wise. He seems to be a mixture of Ares (god of war and filled with rage), Hephaestus(He forged the god's weapons same with Purphoros), and Prometheus (Creator of man and Giver of fire). As such His hammer creatures very Human looking Golem tokens at the sacrifice of a land, similar to how man was created out of mud by Prometheus. These cards just make me spill all my Vorthos out and reminds me of when Magic had a story. This set is amazing...
Posted By: Umbric (10/3/2013 8:46:59 AM)


I guess this is the replacement for Fires? Not saying it isn't good, but that second ability probably takes it out of my price range for a while.

And of course, add the Hammer's owner to the mix, and all those golems you're creating have a Shock tacked on for ETB. The downside is they fall to creature, artifact, or enchantment removal, so any color other than Blue can deal with them easily.
Posted By: RedJaron (10/7/2013 11:06:44 AM)


@DeviousPie: a big grease stain on the floor.
Posted By: Lord_of_phyrexia (10/8/2013 10:54:00 AM)