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What colors have the largest board presences? White and green. What colors combined creates Selesnya - guild of devotion to something larger than one's self? You got it. I love how the devotion mechanic manages to make it possible for each color to participate, while still building on previous magic precedents and flavor. Blue, the color of logic and thinking for yourself is going to have trouble with devotion, just as it does in life. Red and black, can go either way, which again feels flavorful. On the one hand they're both selfish colors, but often willing to give themselves to something larger, be it evil or emotion. Again it works.

It's going to be interesting seeing how Devotion plays out. It's a good mechanic that really captures the flavor of magic. :D

Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/20/2013 11:02:46 PM)


Oops, make those 10/10 Emissaries.
Posted By: ahdamnit (9/21/2013 4:47:34 PM)


@SirLibraryEater That's not quite true. You can attain devotion while splashing easily. Many good black cards only have 1 black mana symbol in it's converted mana cost, and devotion wise, contribute as much devotion as cards that cost multiple colors. For example, Mogis's Marauder costs 2B, and contributes as much devotion to black as Lotleth Troll, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, and so on.

In addition, instants, sorceries are a major part of most decks, and since they are not permanents, you can splash for them easily.

Furthermore, With cards which have protection from color, devotion can find itself in a difficult place.

As for Nykthos, I ran it in my mono black devotion and It is so rare to find it doing anything significant that I think a scry land/swamp may actually be better.
Posted By: DmitryM (4/8/2014 5:26:27 AM)


What is FANTASTIC about this, unlike Many other ''color-helpers''-- you choose WHEN YOU USE THE ABILITY.....NOT WHEN IT ETB (locking it into a single color for the game). This is significant because it means you can activate it for *DIFFERENT COLORS*/Whatever Color you want/need! :O

Green has MANY ways to put any creature directly onto the Battlefield.
I have a favorite Demon-Dragon-Angel lady I will be using this with of course :)
Blue has...Dream Halls and Omniscience and Maelstrom Wanderer and is thoroughly stupid XD
And those are just a few *OBVIOUS* choices, I'm sure there are some harder-to-find ones.

Think just a *little* more outside the box than you already have! This is a Legacy Achievement that doesn't work in Commander:

2. FIVE times. (Use a combination of Mirror Gallery and the usual culprits for copying Legendary land- the land itself, Vesuva, and Thesp... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/21/2013 7:10:19 AM)


Not particularly a good EDH staple, because Board Wipe is a thing. Still... This helps Black a lot more than any other color. And Black already has this effect.
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/18/2013 10:26:18 PM)


Subjectively, I love this card; an interesting ability and lovely artwork.

Objectively, taking into account the art, rarity, Legendary typing and effect, I gave it a 3/5. The problem I have with the card over-all, is that to profit from it at all you need 4 mana symbols of the same type, otherwise if you have 3 symbols, you could have just tapped the land and two others instead of using the ability. To increase your mana by 2, you would need 5 mana symbols. If you already HAVE 5 mana symbols, there is a good chance it is not still that early in the game and you have enough mana as it is.

This card could still be effective in a green deck where there are multiple creatures that have 3+ mana symbols all on their own. Otherwise, I think there are better options.
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (9/18/2013 8:14:44 AM)


so. pretty. O.O =D
Posted By: Flyheight (9/18/2013 10:47:05 AM)


This is a good reason for decks that play a color to continue playing that color.
Posted By: jerkoid (9/19/2013 10:22:31 AM)


And you get a Cabal Coffers effect! And you get a Cabal Coffers effect! Everybody gets a Cabal Coffers effect!
@j_mindfingerpainter: You failed to mention Crypt of Agadeem in addition.
Posted By: pedrodyl (9/19/2013 4:47:17 PM)


Awesome card, priceless artwork.
Posted By: Arachnos (9/20/2013 3:34:09 PM)