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99% of the time Gideon's Lawkeeper is so much better, it isn't even funny. This card just makes me sad. :(
Posted By: Kanra777 (1/28/2014 7:45:04 PM)


I wonder if those statues in the background are Journey Into Nyx gods. The twins looking in different directions make me think of Janus, and Kruphix the God of change and time could be two-faced like Janus or represented by two people. We haven't gotten many hints of the appearances of Kruphix, Athreos, or Pharika. (Iroas is possibly pictured on Acolyte's Reward, and Keranos is possibly pictured on Divination.)
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (1/29/2014 11:08:37 PM)


Nevermind, I found my answer to what happens when a creature gets tapped after declaring blocker:

"Once a creature has become an attacking or blocking creature, tapping or untapping it changes precisely nothing. Combat proceeds in exactly the same manner as it would were it still tapped/untapped. It still deals and receives combat damage as normal.

And yes, it is legal to block with a creature and then tap it to activate an ability. Players receive priority during the declare blockers step, after blockers have been declared."
Posted By: obesechicken13 (3/15/2014 11:52:19 PM)


People bashing this card seem to forget that building your creatures up was the whole point of Theros, whether through heroic, monstrosity, or even conceivably devotion. They purposefully made this card the way it is so it wouldn't be too good of an answer to those big creatures. Not every new creature that fills a particular role is going to be as good as or better than similar creatures in the past; in this case the obvious comparison is Goldmeadow Harrier/Gideon's Lawkeeper.
Posted By: Manite (5/19/2014 9:34:17 PM)


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