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Its ability could just read "Add a blank to your rare slot in draft or sealed." Two pre-releases and two of these guys (and a Hero's Podium). Pretty disappointing rare. Bestowing on him and then saccing him to counter something is a non-bo :P
Posted By: kittendaddy (2/3/2014 11:44:23 AM)


And the award for "crap rare of the set that I'm probably gonna pull 8 of" goes to...
Posted By: deggdegg (2/3/2014 2:23:18 PM)


Someday (but not soon) this will be a Doomsday for storm decks...
Posted By: Artsy_Wumpus (2/3/2014 2:45:33 PM)


Of course, I end up with one of these as my prerelease rare. If it only cost one U to sac it, I might've run it in my Heroic Mono-U wizards casual deck. But right now, Daring Apprentice.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (2/4/2014 7:47:51 PM)


OH, you'll go right into the "strictly worse"-cube from LRR.
Posted By: TexasDice (2/11/2014 5:23:15 PM)


Posted By: Dragon_Punch (2/14/2014 6:58:36 PM)


I still did pretty damn good with this card, Ephara's Enlightenment and Hero of Iroas during a draft. This card would definitely be a lot more playable without the mana cost for countering the spell. Sacrificing something you wasted at least one enchantment on is already a big cost, it's not like you will counter any good spells with this card anyway.
Posted By: -N- (2/15/2014 1:09:49 PM)


Coolio effect, but using resources to activate heroic for an on board counter that is very easily to play around is not the pay off we deserve.

Awesome play: Knowing what card is on top of your library off of a scry, opponent plays that card, you activate heroic with an instant targeting your self to exile that card, and then you counter it!
Posted By: Purplerooster (2/15/2014 9:03:30 PM)


So far I have the most copies of this of any rares from the set, so I'm pretty depressed. lol But I just wanted to comment and commend Krysto on the first good idea I've heard. That storm deck sounds at least interesting enough to awaken my inner Johnny and keep me from burning this card.
Posted By: MSU_Iced_Z (2/17/2014 6:56:23 PM)


Shimmering Wings
Posted By: Emcee117 (2/18/2014 2:17:17 PM)