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'The Heart'
Posted By: Goatllama (4/25/2014 7:01:41 AM)


Small bit of annoyance with this card. Elspeth was given the sword Godsend to defeat Xenagos.... why is the art depicting a spear?
Posted By: Nooble (4/25/2014 11:22:52 AM)


Instant speed Revoke Existance that doesn't hit artifacts? I'll take it. For the people complaining about the lack of artifact targeting, most the troublesome artifacts in the set are enchantments too, so this will still hit them. In expanded formats, it'll lose some steam.

Flavor wise, I was hoping something like this would be called "Disbelief," but it's still a good name.

To Nooble, check the older Elspeth cards. She's had the same dual-gemmed sword the whole time. In Gods Willing, it shows Elspeth offering it to Heliod, who took it and made a spear out of it ( more accurately, a bladed spear like that would be a partisan. ) Elspeth, Sun's Champion very clearly shows the resulting weapon, so she's been using it for two sets now. Godsend actually shows the spear ( notice how the haft is extending out of the art frame? )
Posted By: RedJaron (4/25/2014 1:06:44 PM)


One of those odd cards that were made rare because of their flavor rather than the magnitude of their effect. Revoke Existence is almost always better outside of limited, even at sorcery speed, and it was printed at common just last set... but you can't put a spell that kills gods at common.
Posted By: RickyBo (4/25/2014 2:10:08 PM)


Mmmmmm, that's some tasty flavour.
Posted By: Darnold (4/24/2014 4:04:50 PM)


Finally. Something to balance out the battlefield with all those Gods running around...
Posted By: lordchimera (4/24/2014 8:39:35 PM)


Precise removal with awesome flavor, no complaints here.

Awww man, I hope Xenagos isn't truly dead? I'm not a particular fan of him or anything, but you gotta admit that he really worked his way up there on becoming a God, and now it's just gone, taken away from him. Kinda feel bad for the guy.

And as it has been said by JimmyNoobPlayer, I find that it's also good that pieces of information about the "closing" of the story is good to have in a card, so people are aware of what's going on at the last edition of the whole block, before moving on to something new.

BUT, I do have to say that I didn't like this one in particular, in that it's way too straightforward and direct. I mean, as I've said, I love the functionality of the card and the flavor, but there's something about the "it's so obvious" side that bothers me. I mean card is named Deicide, Elspeth kills the "baddy" God of the set. And the flavor text confirms that the deed is done.

3.5/5 for being a good and flavorful sidebo... (see all)
Posted By: Dabok (4/25/2014 1:48:50 PM)


Nooble - Elspeth was given the sword Godsend last time she was in Theros, upon her return Heliod the original gifter of the sword extended it into a spear when Elspeth became the sun's champion. You'll notice that in the artwork on godsend it's actually depicting a spear (either that or a very long handled sword)

I too want to thank Wizards for showing us.
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (4/25/2014 2:29:07 PM)


@Nooble, Godsend is the sword Elspeth's always depicted with. It was created by Purphoros and fell from Nyx during his battle with Heliod. Elspeth recovered the sword and planeswalked away. Years later, when she returned to Theros after the whole New Phyrexia thing, Heliod blessed her sword and turned it into a spear, modeled after his own personal one, Khrusor. That is the reason behind her weapon looking like a spear in this art.
Posted By: TerrorKing (4/25/2014 10:35:08 PM)


Black had Hero's Downfall which I would have very much preferred seeing Elspeth getting decimated...

But killing (or at least exiling) an awesome character like Xenagos? Fo' Shame !
Posted By: MagicForDummiez (4/26/2014 10:58:01 AM)


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