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Posted By: Aquillion (5/2/2013 8:35:25 PM)


This could be abused by madness and Psychatog. Is there any way to bring enchantments to the field cheaper and/or faster? I got some ideas around this card :)
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/9/2010 11:09:21 AM)


Mmmm. Somebody tell me how this is good. It basically just increases your maximum hand size by one (one which your opponents get to see), for 5 mana. Why not conjure up a Graceful Adept or Spellbook instead? Or a Magus of the Future, who does the same thing for the same cost, as a 2/3 creature?
Posted By: Fictionarious (10/18/2009 5:21:58 PM)


I can't believe no one has mentioned this, but Oracle Of Mul Daya, Exploration, and Call of the Wild are all amazing with this, and let you chain the stack of cards even further. As many have mentioned, add Sensei's Dvining Top to keep your countermagic just below the surface or in your hand to prevent this overextension from absolutely destroying you.
Posted By: alucard311 (6/20/2011 10:19:33 PM)


Combo this with helm of awakening, and sensei's divining top. Draw your entire deck, and cast a bunch of free top spells for a lethal brain freeze. This combo is bonkers!
Posted By: Zoltantf (9/19/2011 2:10:09 AM)


Intersting comparison with Null Profusion. Your opponent can see the card, but you get to keep a larger hand and it's immune to discard shenanigans.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/2/2011 4:01:16 PM)


Story time:

Okay help me out here guys, I haven't played since 2001, and my last semi-active deck was mono-blue counter control with a trio of palinchrons (only 3 because I was in middle school so I couldn't just, like order cards online like people apparently do these days, had to actually trade for shit) and four high tides with the goal of keeping everything shut down until I started putting out blue heavies for free and casting infinity mana power sink (and being able to use a sixty point helm of obedience is nothing to scoff at either.) So a guy at work wants to do a sealed deck tourney with some friends with onslaught, and is covering costs by having us pay our share and keep the cards. I figure what the hey, it'll be like magic again but actually fun. By the by I pick up a Future Sight and read the runes which aren't much good for the elf deck I'm building but then neithe... (see all)
Posted By: RamadaArtist (2/23/2012 6:01:07 AM)


"Magus of the Future is inferior because as a creature, it is far more susceptible to removal."
Not entirely true. Can yours be tutored up with Vedalken AEthermage?

But I do agree with you. Future Sight is better. Both of these cards give such an insane amount of card advantage. And you'll get more value out of your fetch lands since they allow you to shuffle your library. I think someone already said it, but Sensei's Divining Top allows you to draw for 1 mana since you can play top off of your library.

There are so many fun tricks that you can pull with Future Sight. Combined with Mystical Tutor, it essentially says, "Go look through your deck and cast any Instant from it." Or when combined with Reclaim/Noxious Revival, "Go ahead and cast something again from your graveyard."

Very epic card indeed. 5/5
Posted By: dberry02 (5/13/2012 3:53:29 PM)


@RamadaArtist: Yes, you choose the order you discard to Read the Runes, and could theoretically stack your library as you like. However, once you have infinite mana with High Tide and Palinchron, I think it's better to just draw your deck with Azure Mage or Blue Sun's Zenith.
Posted By: Chamale (6/10/2012 5:57:51 PM)


Omniscience from M13 will let you play your entire deck as long as you have the ability to draw every once in awhile to move lands out of the way :o
Posted By: Cyleal (7/23/2012 11:07:51 AM)


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