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Dragon Tyrant Is Filthy Awesome Dragon And So Fun To Play
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (7/23/2009 8:23:33 AM)


way to expensive. If you get one attack with this guy and your opponent has no removal or something like that, you won most of the games but... seriously. 10 Mana is hard to get and when you have it, it can be countered for 2 Mana and your whole mana is spend for nothing. Of course you can counter nearly everthing but if this is countered you cant play anything great that turn and you are defenseless in the opponents turn.

So if you get him on the playfield and you attack you are even more screwed if your opponent has a remover because you spend 4 mana for it to survive at the beginning of your upkeep and maybe some more to boost it. So you spent about 14-18 mana what left you nearly defenseless for 2 opponent turns and your opponent needs only 2-3 mana to get this guy into the graveyard.

Needless to say that if you dont have 10 mana you dont want to draw this card.
Posted By: Asarkun (6/19/2009 9:16:49 AM)


Wizards of the Coast Guy #1: This isn't dumb enough. Kaalia says it's pathetic and she wants something to make it worth playing. (She's an insane holy witch bent on ending the world. 8/8 is ''small''.)

Wizards of the Coast Guy #2: This'll shut her up: Avacyn, Angel of Hope

2 Hours Later....

Wizards of the Coast Guy #3: (Renton, Washington lies in ruins, rubble from destroyed buildings clutters the streets, the R&D Lab exploded in holy hellfire just moments ago) "We dreamed of creating the world's most powerful Commander......and we succeeded!

Posted By: DarthParallax (4/5/2012 1:42:40 PM)


Ridiculously bad-ass. I've only got one, sadly. I'd love to build a multiplayer deck around this guy.
Posted By: InfinityGM (10/31/2009 12:57:16 AM)


Use Extraplanar Lens in a mono-red deck to both summon and pay the upkeep cost!
Posted By: nammertime (12/28/2009 10:32:23 AM)


I want to get one of these for my Jhoira of the Ghitu EDH deck. Even if I don't want to pay his upkeep, he would be extremely useful coming in with double strike and haste after being suspended.
Posted By: Khias (1/8/2010 11:57:45 PM)


this is why sneak attack is insanely evil
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/26/2010 8:27:52 AM)


This guy is so win. He's the biggest, silliest, beefiest beatstick you'll ever play. Sure, if he dies, he dies, but if he doesn't, an opponent does. And who can get mad losing to this?
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (2/15/2010 12:10:25 AM)


you can ue spells like add 5 mana into your mana pool
when you get it into play you win
and artwork is wery good
Posted By: thrallallmighty (3/8/2010 8:38:39 AM)


Zirilan of the Claw anyone?

Pulling the Tyrant out with Zirilan has won me countless games. This guy is beast.
Posted By: c0ncept (3/14/2010 3:45:45 PM)