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I was thinking of putting this in my Rafiq EDH for the fact that THE CREATURE does the damage. So with Rafiq pumped up from Exalted post combat phase with say this and a Distortion Strike cast on it with even 1 or 2 other sources that'd equal: 4 (attack) + 3 (exalted) x 2 (doublestrike) = 14 direct commander damage. Then Rafiq throwing the trident at that same opponent's face for the final 7 damage is game over for that player. That set up is pretty easy to have set up too, at least in my group's metagame.

The things that turn me off of this is the need to tap the creature (its fair, but needs a set up) and the equip cost (3 would've been perfect, so its slightly clunky.)

Posted By: Eternal_Planeswalker (10/10/2013 6:37:34 PM)


Sorry Eternal_Planeswalker, but the 21 damage rule applies to combat damage only. Thus the trident won't help you there. Otherwise Heartless Hidetsugu, and myriad other generals, would be intolerable. Not that Rafiq needs help carrying games in EDH.

As for the trident, its not great. Too slow to help most infect decks or other aggro. If you had an equipment centered deck with cards like Puresteel Paladin, then I could see it being more of a powerhouse. I'd say this is an okay, niche, card.
Posted By: Enelysios (1/25/2014 9:38:42 AM)