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I've been considering trying this in a deck with Mirror of Fate. Could make for some funny looks from across the table.
Posted By: Fokman (8/4/2009 11:08:59 AM)


Are there any ways around the library removal other than Maralen or Parallel Thoughts? If you could just bypass the drawback, a 10/10 for 5 would be pure fun to romp-a-domp with.
EDIT: Found Stifle.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (4/28/2010 1:51:08 PM)


This could end the game with brion stoutarm, but it's not too good other than that
Posted By: omggeesterliciousman (7/15/2010 6:13:42 PM)


If you want a sweet fattie for cheap without using stifle or trickbind, try Auratouched Mage with an Eldrazi Con***ion in your deck. Pretty much a straight-up 6-cost 13/13 trampler with annihilator 2.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (9/11/2010 12:49:44 PM)


@Lyoncet. You have no clue, aye? Labroatory Maniac WANTS your deck gone, ALL OF IT!
This guy is the guy for job. Noel DeCordova already said that in his Lab Preview article. Hell, I'm going to try and run THAT deck (which some tweaks) in a Modern event soon.
Posted By: ZestuXIII (10/14/2011 2:13:08 PM)


"... To think the Mirran Resistance left this amazing machine behind.
Obsolete, they say?
Useless, they say?
Worthless, they say?
Nay, I can not see what they're speaking of! In fact, I can only think the absolute opposite!
Oglor! Start this mechanism up! We're going to see who's truly Worthless and Obsolete!"

- Laboratory Maniac, "My Grand Plan"
Posted By: Ferlord (4/15/2012 1:48:49 PM)



First off, to autocard you just select the card name, not the whole sentence. Secondly, no. Pithing Needle works on a creature already in play. By the time Leveler is in play, it's already to late.

Personally I enjoy the Shared Fate idea. Throw in 5 color mana fixing and play the two, your opponent is on pure lockdown and you're playing with his library. Fun stuff.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (1/4/2010 8:23:42 AM)


Oh, hello there, Laboratory Maniac!!
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (10/7/2012 10:40:49 PM)


Looks like a giant lawnmower.
Posted By: Studoku (8/5/2009 7:05:33 PM)


Can you use Confusion in the Ranks to toss it to your opponent and exile their library?
Posted By: Hippojuice (1/19/2010 5:01:20 AM)