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Wow Immortal Coils Other Retarded Brother
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (7/15/2009 10:34:42 PM)


obsolete with Oblivion Ring.

However it was once a very powerful card, still one of my favorites. It taught me how black can be deceptfully powerful
Posted By: shaarlander (11/15/2010 4:16:52 PM)


Damn it. I'm typing in odd multiverse IDs so I can make witty comments regarding them on the card, but someone's always beaten me to it >_>
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/5/2011 2:46:32 AM)


So it says, "when you cant sac perms, you loose the game"... Is that even possible to go off?? This is a permanent after all... And if this hits the graveyard, your toast anyways so whats the point of the 4th ability.

How about just slapping this into a vampire deck with stuff like Child of Night and Vampire Nighthawk? Yes?? No???
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/1/2012 2:58:52 AM)


▦▦▦    ▦▦▦    ▦▦▦
▦          ▦          ▦
▦▦▦    ▦▦▦    ▦▦▦
▦   ▦    ▦   ▦    ▦   ▦
▦▦▦    ▦▦▦    ▦▦▦
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/5/2013 3:31:34 PM)


TheWrathOfShane : Maybe Richard Garfield foresaw a card that will prevent you from sacrificing permanents 20 years ago!
Posted By: Anzu-chan (5/24/2013 6:55:53 PM)


Even as a kid back in 1996, this was my favorite card. It demands to be built around, and has such pure black flavour. "Can you take command of the power offered or be made easy pickings through your amateurish attempt?" Another one of those cards that exemplify the golden rule of Magic: the card trumps the rules.

You know why I can go to zero life and not die?

A freakin wizard did it!!

EDIT @Sumai Yes! I have an Esper Lich/Mirror Universe EDH deck, in that format only once would I have decked myself. Usually after killing one opponent and drawing cards equal to his life total I drop a Promise of Power, get my 50/50 flying demon token, equip those Lightning Greaves, go for kill two then Time Warp for kill 3.
Posted By: SeriouslyFacetious (8/1/2013 8:43:03 PM)


@Lord_of_Tresserhorn: I'm not sure if this is what you mean by "breaking it", but the main way I could think of that would make the fourth ability matter is if you created a token copy of Lich (possible with Liquimetal Coating + either of the Tezzerets + something like Rite of Replication. Nothing like that existed when this card first came out though (as far as I know) so it used to be totally redundant.
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (3/10/2014 12:39:04 PM)