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@DarthParallax: 9000 squared is 81,000,000. I understand what you were trying to say but S.N.O.T. just squares the number.
Posted By: Henrietta (4/11/2012 8:46:14 PM)


I actually REALLY like this mechanic, are there any other cards similar to this?
Posted By: Layk (5/23/2012 9:59:14 PM)


Card Disadvantage. Still, a lucky hand and you got a 9/9 attacking on turn 2. I am assuming it wont have summoning sickness when it merges, because the first one has been in play since your upkeep.

Anyways, here is my snot deck.

38 Nonlands
x4 Vines of Vastwood
x4 Preordain
x4 S.n.o.t.
x4 Green Sun's Zenith
x4 Fauna Shaman
x4 Negate
x4 Phantasmal Image
x2 Loaming Shaman
x4 Phyrexian Metamorph
x4 Clone

22 Lands
x4 Yavimaya Coast
x2 Flooded Grove
x6 Island
x10 Forest
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/25/2012 8:02:00 PM)


When you hit a Wizards of the Coast Rules Manager with Horrifying Revelation, this is what they see.
Posted By: Salient (12/11/2012 12:07:12 PM)


works wonders with crib snatch
Posted By: gamemaker443 (1/29/2013 1:59:24 PM)


Four of this, four clone, four Vesuvian Dopplegangers. You can have a 144/144 creature.
Posted By: atemu1234 (2/22/2013 9:49:28 AM)


Whoops, I accidentally Rite of Replicationed everywhere.
Posted By: Shott133 (4/25/2013 10:02:22 PM)


@metalevolence: I tried to check the ruling under Details. I feel really silly now.
Posted By: TheBurningTrain (11/25/2013 4:05:49 PM)


You can only stick them together when they enter the battlefield, so by the time you can cast Infinite Reflection, you'll have S.N.O.T.s on the battlefield that will be sadly unable to join together.

You'll need to DONATE a S.N.O.T. to your opponent (Oh thank you... you shouldn't have...) then cast Infinite Reflection on it, then Ghostway your creatures!

if my nose were runnin' money then i'd blow it all on you
but it's not
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (1/30/2014 8:30:28 PM)


So, way over the top stupid combo naming time? infinite reflections yes, but after you have a progenitor mimic copying S.N.O.T.
Posted By: orisiti (2/2/2014 12:23:54 PM)