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I have a question: What happens to the spell after you cast it from exile? Does it stay in exile?(Meaning I can cast it again?) Or does it go to the graveyard?
Posted By: Wataa71 (2/25/2012 12:17:03 PM)


If the first one dies, can the second Kaho use the instants from the first one? Or if the first one blinks, do you lose the first set of instants? I have a feeling you're suppose read it as , but to do you lose that if it leaves play? Also, Bottled Cloister.
Posted By: Majinkajisan (6/22/2012 1:38:15 PM)


To protect this card, exile an instant protection card. This would also be good to exile protection cards in a Blue/White control deck; protecting what is on the field.
Posted By: Memitim (12/19/2012 7:31:47 PM)


Cryptic Command
Posted By: TomWarleader (7/1/2013 12:45:52 PM)


Time Stop
Posted By: Bouchart (7/15/2013 8:08:49 PM)


"Brainstorm, Counterspell, Boomerang

Should seal the game, and in EDH, if he dies, bring him back out, Exile another three (Twincast and i really cannot think of any other real utility spells that would be cool...), and you can use all 4-6 as they were all exiled with her

While those are good choices, they don't remain in exile once cast, and cannot be cast again (Which has been pointed out several times in these comments). Also, if you bring Kaho back out, she is considered a new object, and you cannot use her activated ability to cast any spells exiled with a previous one.
Posted By: NissasChosen (10/28/2013 11:42:12 PM)


Guys, the moment you cast a spell with her, it's changed zones and is a new object, so you can't reuse it. Even if that weren't the case you still couldn't, 'cause it goes to the graveyard upon resolution (barring some kind of replacement effect). (...Which, come to think of it, means it works well with flashback.)
Posted By: manaderp (12/4/2013 9:58:27 AM)


This card was my first commander deck. Runs really well with lightning greaves and thousand year elixer. A kill combo with her is to grab hinder, mystical tutor (or long term plans depending on your budget) and virtually anything else. First tutor for tunnel vision, then hinder their next spell and use tunnel vision targeting the hindered spell. Mills all but one card, then you can force them to draw with opportunity or anything cheaper.
Posted By: blightfall (3/14/2014 2:43:29 PM)