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WOW. This is great in my White Spirit Token deck's SB. Helps save my tokens from Wrath of God. :D
Posted By: wilsonbiggs (11/5/2011 6:26:57 AM)


Evoke elementals anyone? http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?text=+Energy
Posted By: sincleanser (8/17/2011 8:51:59 AM)


@Rikiaz: It's a Boros member talking about the Orzhov
Posted By: Condor_96 (9/13/2011 9:46:06 PM)


All of the creatures come back at the same time, and all of their comes into play abilities trigger at the same time. Since they all trigger at the same time, you get to decide the order in which they go on the stack. But all the creatures will 'see' the others. So, if you have a Hada Freeblade, Murasa Pyromancer, and an Ondu Cleric, and you use Ghostway, the interaction will go like this:

Hada Freeblade gets 3 +1/+1 counters
Murasa Pyromancer deals 9 damage (3 for when it hit the battlefield and triggered, and 3 more for each of the other two hitting the battlefield)
Ondu Cleric gains 9 life for you (3 for itself, and 3 for each of the other 2 allies)

In this case, it doesn't matter what order you put these abilities on the stack. Because all 3 creatures are on the field by the time they resolve, all of the abilities will resolve to their fullest potential.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (9/22/2011 10:52:52 AM)


As if Balance needed to be even more disgusting...
Such a versatile card.
Posted By: kiseki (2/13/2012 11:34:14 AM)


Night blind, on the silent path,
ghost walking in the aftermath!

A very good card, amazing for wrath decks, allies, Lure effects and Lamb of God references. 5/5

Posted By: Shadoflaam (3/7/2012 3:47:55 PM)


Sudden Disappearance is a more powerful, higher CMC version of this - it hits artifacts, enchantments, and planeswalkers as well, plus you can blink your opponents' stuff if that would be more strategic (such as clearing blockers for an alpha strike). Still, if all you want is something to exploit enters the battlefield triggers (or just a cheaper CMC card to protect your guys from Wrath of God effects), this card has no equal.
Posted By: sarroth (7/25/2012 9:35:56 AM)


One of the cornerstones of Johnnyhood.
Posted By: TheManakinTransfer (11/8/2012 1:31:25 AM)


My U/W flicker deck gets plenty of mileage out of this - dodging a wrath/blocking then bouncing when every creature in the deck has an ETB ability certainly ends a few games.
Posted By: ElCarl (3/5/2013 11:42:00 AM)


Just so brilliant to play in a deck with creatures with useful ETBs. Oh, you want to try and spot remove one of my creatures? I'll just Ghostway and trigger all my ETBs instead. You want to try and sweep me? Let's just make that one-sided in my favor shall we.

While people have mentioned the obviousness of allies (or pretty much any creature with an ETB that reads "when ~ or another"), it's still very powerful with even just your one-time triggers. Heck, using it to save a Wall of Omens turns it into card advantage. Good stuff.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (4/2/2013 3:12:32 AM)


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