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holy hell thats a badass rat
Posted By: omni8000 (1/4/2012 10:45:29 AM)


Here's hoping for a water-spouting watchdog in Return to Ravnica. I loved the little interactions between the guilds told in the flavortexts.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/8/2012 8:14:57 PM)


Turn one land Thoughtseize
Turn two land Hymn to Tourach
Turn three landBlightning
Turn four land Duskmantle Seer
End of their turn four, provided Duskmantle is still alive cast Noxious Revival on their biggest dude...
So in theory, if they played first, hit three land drops and played two things land and drawn no extra cards their hand should be empty aside from the fatty.

Then drop this guy turn five. Win. Depending on the size of the card you put in their hand I guess...
Posted By: MindAblaze (7/11/2013 9:57:27 PM)


@Kryptnyt: He did, but it sucked:
Aquus Steed

@Ninjaraken: Much better. The random element of singe-mind is sometimes relevant, but this card actually makes them discard, which means that your opponent has to make a (mostly difficult) choice, and in terms of cards, this is card-neutral immediately once it hits the field. As to the bodies, I'd rather have a 2/2 haste than a 3/2 for the most part. The haste makes it more likely to connect since it is a surprise. Keep in mind that the ogre first gets to attack on turn 5. The chance your opponent can't get a bigger creature in the way on 5 mana is low.

Burndiscard is a really cool thing. The hope is that you've disrupted their hand enough at this point that they have to discard a land they really need, or discard a spell they can cast normally, or discard a big dude that will burn them for a lot. Blightning T3 into this puts your opponent into a pretty bad spot, handwise, lifewise, or both.

Tha... (see all)
Posted By: Aremath (3/27/2014 3:08:55 AM)


I just realized water-spouting watchdog would a very good un- card.
Posted By: leafbladefighter (4/8/2014 2:49:17 PM)


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