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"Hmm... maybe messenger bag's will be in this year."
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (8/31/2012 9:49:11 PM)


for a fetchland? Alright, that sounds pretty nifty. And it's common? Sweet.
Wait a minute...
ANY land?!
*proceeds to pass out*
Posted By: DeFectiveDeity (9/24/2012 7:55:06 PM)


Hmm...So, I get to pop a land for a basic land for one mana? Meh, I suppose it's a multicolor enabler.

Wait...any land? I think I'll pick Gaea's Cradle.

Wait...It's an instant? *faints from stick-tasticness* I think I'm in love.
Posted By: bay_falconer (1/10/2013 8:34:35 AM)


A less flashy use is to use this for Harvest Wurm.
While you're in green, you may consider grabbing thawing glaciers. Ramp on your land is nice. Consider Krosan Verge as a way to ramp again T3.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/20/2013 2:27:50 PM)


This and Flagstones of Trokair have some serious synergy.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (8/27/2013 2:44:58 PM)


Hmm... maybe one of this in each green commander deck...
Posted By: PlanesMoyza (9/8/2013 7:02:13 PM)


Posted By: MRK1 (11/17/2013 10:35:58 PM)


One of those cards that probably should have been considered a second time in the logical sway of sobriety rather than the drunken madness that was Urza's Block. (Full Disclosure: Urza's Block is my favorite block, it's where I did the most playing.) But sometimes (or, in the case of Urza's Block, rather often) you need to step back and dispassionately consider a card a mistake.

Crop Rotation:
-IS a common
-IS an instant
-DOES tutor for land, and not just basic land either
-DOES put the land into play untapped

And all it asks in return is one green mana and that you sac a land. No. Just no.
Posted By: RaymondKHessel (11/18/2013 12:38:48 PM)


Its great when you sac a forest and get a Wasteland, its like G = wasteland :)
Posted By: Pontiac (11/20/2013 10:14:37 AM)


With an active Valakut, this is a green lightning bolt
Posted By: Fenwayb (1/16/2014 11:28:48 AM)


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