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The only Darksteel card that doesn't have any yellow energy things spinning around it. Maybe it's cheaper quality Darksteel and that's why it's not itself indestructible ;)
Posted By: Belz_ (1/22/2011 8:12:29 AM)


I also love the idea of 'land equipment', especially the idea of fortifying a man-land.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (1/23/2011 6:20:16 PM)


I'd say this was meant for Dark Depths, protecting the land while you pull ice counters over time. Hexmage has, of course, made that moot, but Hexmage didn't exist yet in Future Sight.

Otherwise, it's for manlands, making them slightly stronger and protecting them from harm.
Posted By: Atali (2/28/2011 12:50:08 AM)


not very good, as 5 mana is way to much for that ability, but i would love to see more fortify later in the game.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (3/27/2011 5:11:06 PM)


Combo with the Minamo Legendary land from kamigawa, translates into repeatable +1/+1 to a creature for Blue each as the land can untap itself. fun in a blue weenie deck.
Posted By: jsttu (4/2/2011 6:54:39 PM)


The concept of fortifications seems interesting, but the use of them (at least now) seems to be lower.

The idea behind equipment is that you can use it on multiple creatures, either because the old wielder died or because you've cast one that can make better use of it.
But how should the land 'die' if it's indestructible?
When should you want to switch the fortification? The +1/+1 bonus from tapping is independant from the land, and i can't imagine too many lands that need to be protected that much more than the one you've previously spent 3 mana on and which will get destructible again.

Overall this card feels too expensive to me, especially when compared to Darksteel Plate this feels less usefull.
It also totally bugs me that this card is something made of Darksteel and not indestructible itself.
Manlands could make good use of this, though. But that's the only good use i could imagine:

In general you don't have to fear for your lands getting destroyed.... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (7/24/2011 12:01:51 PM)


The fortification itself isn't indestructable. All the other darksteel stuff is. :(
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (8/12/2011 8:31:24 PM)


Fortify seems neat, but prone to the same kinds of limitations that prevent Auras from seeing competitive play.

Still, someday, I hope there will be a way to break this card. Inkmoth Nexus came close -- an indestructible flying blocker that leaves -1/-1 counters on your opponent's attacker is pretty cool. It's just not worth 5. If this card said "Fortified land is indestructible and gains shroud," then maybe.
Posted By: Salient (8/25/2011 5:54:26 PM)


I really want more of this type of card. Yes, this one is crappy, but I can imagine some really good ones, and plus, I want a USE for my lands other than just sitting there, thank you very much. Still, I can see why it hasn't seen a printing because the designers have admitted that they don't like land destruction, and the only way I could see these coming back is with a reasonable counter to them, which would be when land destruction once again reigns supreme.
Posted By: zenuedite (8/29/2011 4:42:39 PM)


Fortifications seem pretty cool, I hope they'll come back in the future. Rise of the Eldrazi or Scars of Mirrodin would've been good spots, it's a shame they didn't take it.
Posted By: kazenpaus (10/28/2011 12:32:48 PM)