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I think I'm in love.
Posted By: Lockwert (3/27/2012 8:30:12 PM)


What a fantastic EDH general.

Also, combos with Time Stretch.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/7/2012 5:02:08 AM)


This card is so good for getting out early powerful cards like, Progenitus, Time Stretch, It That Betrays, Darksteel Colossus, Ulamog, Emrakul, Autochthon Wurm, Pathrazer of Ulamog, Plague Wind, Searing Wind, Eternal Dominion, Kozilek, Krosan Cloudscraper, etc, etc, etc.

Epic card.

Posted By: Fert12334 (1/25/2011 5:12:31 PM)


@Ragamander: Good combo, but yeah, you'd need a total of three cards with a combined three different colors for the combo to work, notwithstanding the fact that you'd have to suspend both of them at the same time, or the whole thing wouldn't work at all.

A combo requiring less cards would be Academy Rector and Kaervek's Spite, with the Barren Glory in your library. Once the Rector goes to the graveyard because of the Spite, you could go and pull out your Barren Glory from your library for the win.

As for Jhoira, she's still fun to use. Remove a bunch of big creatures, then play Pandemonium (one turn before the first big creature hits the board if you want to avoid getting hit by your opponent's creatures as much as you can) or Electropotence (then pay the activation cost each time a creature comes into play) for tons of damage. Insert a Paradox Haze in the... (see all)
Posted By: nammertime (11/28/2009 11:12:36 AM)


I agree with Tezz.

I would love to see her saying something @ the flavor text area.

And she's darn HOT!
Posted By: JosirisDavid (12/24/2009 12:42:58 AM)


i'd totally tap that.
Posted By: Zefaris (10/11/2010 3:57:31 PM)


She has no tap ability
Posted By: frommerman (10/31/2010 4:00:58 PM)


@Rafiq: Someone running time counter manipulation with an extremely precise setup.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/9/2011 4:33:36 AM)


Insane for bringing out expensive planeswalkers.
Posted By: PhyrexianEditor (8/2/2009 1:10:27 AM)


I made this my general.
No one will play EDH with me any more since the Time Stretch Mirari Twincast Reverberate Hive Mind incident.
Posted By: Nip_Gwyllion (10/12/2011 9:55:24 AM)