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woow.. that dont seem balanced, does it? wrath of god is four mana, and this is 7.. so for three more mana which is noot that hard to get your getting instant field advantage, and with a coat of arms on the field.. gg.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/20/2010 1:25:01 PM)


blah blah blah. combo this, combo that. how about, this card is scalable, versatile and capable of getting you out of a pinch, but also can help you solidify an approaching win.

all in all, i would be happy to top deck this card at any point late game, and pretty sure it can't hurt early game. have my opponent waste maelstrom pulse on the tokens.
Posted By: flipsyalec (7/22/2010 7:35:13 AM)


A knight deck with Knight Exemplar and you have super field advantage. You'll lose the Knight Exemplar...but if you have two.....super win.
Posted By: Silentlee2 (8/26/2010 9:14:11 AM)


have Honor of the Pure out on your side and you get 5 2/2 tokens after a Wrath of God. This card should be a staple in Type 1 white weenie or soldier decks. 5/5
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (10/3/2010 10:55:25 AM)


@PhyrexianAdvocate: Ignoring the fact that it's a ridiculous god hand, it's also slower and uses more cards than it needs to. Try this instead for Extended:

Turn 1: Mountain, Figure of Destiny
Turn 2: Forest, Bloom Tender
Turn 3: Island, Crab Umbra to Bloom Tender, tap and untap for infinite mana, float a million white and two red out of it, Martial Coup for lots, kicked Goblin Bushwhacker.

Still a ridiculous god-hand, no-enemy-removal scenario though.
Posted By: Artscrafter (3/21/2011 2:50:43 PM)


Does not play well with Child of Alara. :(

(Still fun to play in EDH.)
Posted By: Salient (8/26/2011 2:18:48 AM)


If you were going to Bloom Tender + Crab Umbra for infinite mana, you might as well just run a direct damage red spell such as Brightflame with Autumn's Veil covering and ignore the entire idea of Martial Coup all together, seeing as you need to run a 4 to 5 color deck just to have the infinite mana combo work (Read Bloom Tender's rules; You only get a maxium of (B)(U)(G)(R)(W) from tapping it). When you have infinite mana you ramp into direct damage or life gain spells, anything else is a waste, unless you draw the majority of your deck into your hand as well just in the event the ramp spell is countered.

Regarding this card by itself, it's scary. Wrath of God is a rare that costs 2WW and yet this thing is that card + five 1/1 soldiers if you only pay 3 more (5WW). This should have been a mythic rare. It only takes a well placed Doubling Season or Parallel Lives prior to dropping ... (see all)
Posted By: SliverApocalypse (1/15/2012 6:30:34 PM)


Wow, Greg Staples was really channeling Raymond Swanland in this one!
Posted By: Long_Con (2/22/2012 6:45:11 PM)


A fun card, particularly in Commander where its high cost is not a problem.

Best use of this card ever in my Commander games: Opponent has a bunch of creatures in play and all I have is a Leyline of Anticipation. He casts a "destroy all lands" effect, I cast this with Flash in response... all the creatures die, I get a pile of tokens, and then all the lands died. Yep, I won that game... ouch!
Posted By: Radagast (6/3/2012 10:17:07 AM)


Wrath of Soldiers.
In all seriousness though, this card is amazing with Benalish Commander. Drop it before the turn he comes out, and laugh manically.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (8/23/2012 12:04:17 PM)


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