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A really neat cycle ruined by the artwork...
Posted By: nubiop (2/1/2009 8:55:36 AM)


Uhm excuse me but what the *** were they thinking? This thing is overpowered as no other in literally almost any deck. Why does it need FIVE abilities? Wizards, seriously, Lorwyn was a few blocks ago, get your shit together. No more of these overpowered meatballs. (Yes, I'm aware that it's just a copy of Morphling with a few variations, but even so... seriously? Seriously now?)
Posted By: crenel (6/13/2009 5:19:36 AM)


first mistak they should of have rk post do the art.
Posted By: Huffytreefolkman (6/19/2011 2:24:43 PM)


I actually made a beautiful promo version of this card with MUCH better art for my cube. If anyone wants it, email me: fearnbp@clarkson.edu. :) It's really quite a strong card.
Posted By: xxBrun0xx (2/10/2009 6:36:27 AM)


Agree with basically everything vesu said, but I am just less of a fan of the art. I don't like it. I'd like Wizards to do an Arcana showing what the de***ion given to Kev Walker said.
Posted By: epricq (5/30/2009 8:53:49 PM)


F*** this artwork !!!
makes me sad that the morphlingstyle serie is over here
Posted By: SliverWarlord (12/7/2009 8:29:54 PM)


It is the Super man's pet. :p
Posted By: Anzu-chan (12/24/2012 6:29:39 AM)


i'm sorry to break it to you but being X/0 means it's dead indestructible or not.
Posted By: thaviel (3/11/2009 7:53:51 PM)


It's a state based effect that as soon as a creature's toughness reaches 0 or less, it dies, regardless of any form of indestructibility it may have, so this.. thing... cannot become any bigger than a 7/1. As for it's abilities, they pretty much make it sub-par as compared to it's shapeshifting brethren. Both the others have abilities that can be used multiple times and still have some useful effect, such as the untap abilities that they both have, which opens them up as blockers, utilizing their rear-end growth function, as well as the lure ability of Torchling; But having 3 abilities that don't even stack is kinda blah, and the inability to untap basically forces you to pick if you want him to be an attacker or a blocker, rather than the potential for both. Heck, even an activated vigilance would have been better than an activated haste, as that still accomplishes the same function in a greenish way. Kind of a waste of a mythic slot, if you ask me, though.
Posted By: Oleander (5/8/2009 12:42:17 PM)


You dont spend your mana before you declare the attack and your opponent chooses how to block but after the blockers are declared.


...your opponent doesnt block you can boost him +1-1 for each mana

...your opponent does block it with one creature or very weak creatures than you give him trample, indestructible and/or boost him

...your opponent does block him with a very strong force than you give him only indestructible and maybe a little boost to kill at least one of your opponents creatures

also... a strong creature with indestructible is always very handy.

Posted By: Asarkun (7/7/2009 1:35:28 PM)


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