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This guy is the basis of my naya enchantment deck. Run 2 runes of the deus, 3 shield of the oversoul, rancor(since casual is the most fun to play)

I do not attack with uril unless he is enchanted or if there is a gaping opening to fill with raw damage. Among those I play with, Uril is public enemy #1.
Posted By: Pwnsaw (9/16/2009 12:48:03 AM)


play this card along with Mayaels Aria and its a game winning combo.

common ways i have had mine killed is by "target player sacrifices attacking creature"

Mayaels Aria says that if you control a creature with a power of 5 or greater each creature you control gains +1/+1 at the beginning of your upkeep. If you control a creature with a power of 10 or greater you gain 10 life on top of +1/+1 counters on each creature. If you control a creature with a power of 20 or greater you win the game. I run 2 Mayaels Aria because they stack. beast
Posted By: blimmi (1/7/2010 7:41:11 PM)


I'd still pick Zur the Enchanter over this fella, though.
Posted By: iamludo (9/9/2011 10:04:54 PM)


@ Mata-nui3: Unless they happen to have banding :)
Posted By: cha0sc0w (10/19/2012 9:31:55 PM)


@surewhynot: Uril and Zur are not the only aura-themed legends, even at the time of your comment. Bruna, Light of Alabaster and Krond the Dawn-Clad also exist. And Zur is an enchantment-themed legend, not aura; he's not more aura-themed than Hanna, Ship's Navigator. I'm glad that many of these legends have different color identities so their decks are forced to be built differently.

I used to think Uril didn't deserve the hexproof, but it's there to stop the downside of running auras. So it's a valid addition, unlike just throwing trample on every big creature out there.
Posted By: sarroth (12/19/2012 5:05:01 AM)


great card if you can splash blue for Sovereigns of Lost Alara
Posted By: ninetailedfox (4/24/2009 10:35:23 PM)


This guy is fun. Just put a Spirit Link on him and he's a 7/7 w/ Lifelink. What I do is I get him out with a Scuttlemutt, put two Edge of the Divinity cards on Uril, tap Scuttlemutt to make Uril Black/White and presto! Uril is 15/15!
Posted By: movie_cultist (6/22/2009 9:40:00 AM)


This guy is def. a stud. I'm planning on throwing him into my deck.
Posted By: kilovortex (1/28/2010 5:21:30 AM)


Type your comment here.
Posted By: MrPink343 (3/12/2011 1:54:27 PM)


Once upon a time, Jace was in Alara (Agents of Artifice). He must have seen this guy, and left a de***ion of him in Zendikar, but accidentally sent it back in time. Then, when Sorin was there, he got the idea for a 5/5 Hexproof for 2ccc, an aura-type creature, and a creature that loves massive damage. And from there came the powerpuff girls.

Posted By: dlgn (5/13/2012 7:08:50 PM)