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Nothing feels worse than having your Planeswalker get nuked by a Lightning Bolt.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (8/25/2011 6:14:11 AM)


If you start a planeswalker at 2, atleast give them a +2 ability Wizards!
Posted By: Lunarblade (5/21/2010 7:04:16 PM)


I hate how narrow this card is...
Posted By: Volcre (9/28/2009 7:47:37 AM)


She's not all that great. The ability to play Nissa's Chosen every turn is easily her best ability, but she'll be lucky if she doesn't get hit with any burn spell and die instantly.

Her ultimate is an even bigger let-down. You'd need the luck of the gods just to get her to 7, and what happens if your opponent plays wrath of god, day of judgement, infest, pyroclasm or anything like that if you ever do manage to get it off? I hope you enjoy drawing lands for the rest of the game...

Unless you only grab a couple of elves, but is that worth waiting 5 turns for?

Weak planeswalker.
Posted By: Laguz (9/27/2009 9:50:40 PM)


Of course she's great in Elves- the question is, can she do ANYTHING else right? Answer: no.

Although I think it was inevitable that such a card would get made, this card is SO unmemorable that I keep forgetting that Garruk is not the only mono Green Planeswalker.

Common complaints that are dumb:
Her starting loyalty: for what she does, 2 has proven to be enough. Even without proliferate.
Her 'build around me' nature: It's true that a planeswalker that goes into literally any same-color deck is not optimal for the game's diversity.

Uncommon complaints that are smart:
Her color is lacking in diversity: Sarkhan Vol is Red-Green, not mono-Green; Garruk has had 3 versions of himself, all of them Beast Token themed; then there's Nissa. Green needs a new Planeswalker character, just for the sake of diversity. If Nissa had been a more impressive card, then Green mages would not now feel starved for good Walkers.

Koth of the Hammer is how you design a proper 'build a... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/10/2012 5:15:27 PM)


But you are all forgetting that Nissa's chosen goes back into your library so you can just get it again.
Posted By: PapaPalpatine (10/23/2009 10:37:35 PM)


I'd have never thought she'd be as expensive as she is right now with lightning bolt running amok everywhere. Still, I guess she's okay. But for the cost, I think I'd almost always rather play garruk.
Posted By: Dark_Raider (11/30/2009 9:37:32 AM)


I like Nissa. Not for her card(God no!), but rather her in the story line. Usually I hate elves. A bunch of tree hugging leetists. But Nissa is a tree hugging leetist that unwittingly helped doom her homeland because of her racism. This makes me smile. I hope to see a more enlightened Nissa in the future.

Over all, Nissa as a card is, in my opinion, the worst planeswalker printed. She costs 4 to cast when her narrow abilities should have said made her a 3 mana walker. Her first ability requires you to have a Nissa's Chosen in your deck. Which means if you don't already have a few in play you will only get 4 uses out of that ability. Her second ability is good but doesn't compare to wellwisher(Who you can trigger on your opponent's turn and you can have 4 of them on the field.). It is a nice ability and makes sense for the card, but doesn't make it worth a space in your deck. Then you have her last ability. 5 turns after you cast her, if you don't have the game wra... (see all)
Posted By: Yozuk (11/20/2011 8:06:31 PM)


I love Nissa, but she is indeed very limited in what decks she can go in.
Posted By: Gatsumon (2/4/2011 9:19:16 PM)


Oh great. An ELF paneswalker. Perfect.
Posted By: U-caster (12/31/2009 3:29:27 PM)