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Correct me if im wrong, but couldnt I use this with Last Chance/Final Fortune to gain a free turn with out the lose game effect?
Posted By: Nayban (3/20/2011 11:25:50 AM)


I wonder if you have to bounce it to your hand to avoid the obvious connection with the Proliferate mechanic that was released the very next block. Without the bounce, this card and Proliferate would read: Skip one turn, then take infinite turns from then on. As much as I always liked this card and wanted to make it more powerful than it is, without the bounce clause it'd be broken, and not in a "I'm super intelligent and great at Magic to have figured that out" way either.
Posted By: sarroth (4/27/2011 3:08:26 PM)


I like this card, because it seems like they were trying really, really hard to make it so that you couldn't abuse it easily, but made the reward so powerful that everyone was definitely going to try and find a way to break it.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (12/22/2011 7:12:25 PM)


Y'all are trying to superduperbreak this card, when a mere Sleep will do nicely.
Posted By: Salient (1/17/2012 3:22:14 AM)


Just give them the extra turn!!!! Then when you finally boardwipe, or need some time to find an answer or whatever use the counter on magosi.
Best idea would be to matchup their card drawing with something like consecrated sphinx, psychic possession etc... so you dont lose out
Posted By: Gheridarigaaz (5/12/2012 12:33:03 PM)


Where's the smokestack love?

Or Descent into Madness?

Or even Armageddon Clock?

Sometimes you just want an excuse to skip your turn.
Posted By: Jack-o-Crow (3/8/2013 8:16:46 PM)


you are in U/W, U/B, some kind of control. You play this within the first couple turns, and set up defenses (kraken hatchling early, wall of denial, etc. activate the ability during their turn when you know they pose no great threat taking another turn. then you develop board position, and take an extra turn after your turn 8 or so, swinging with baneslayer and friends twice.
Posted By: Grimn777 (10/25/2009 5:27:41 AM)


Shame you can't play this with a Clockspinning, it'd miss out the miss a turn thing nicely. I plan on casting Silence and/or Fog the turn I can't play early game if I need to then use Rings of Brighthearth to gain three turns on the trot.
Posted By: tankplanker (11/2/2009 9:17:44 AM)


I see an excellent opportunity for some use with Silence and Orim's Chant. What would you need to do that would take two turns, and make it a useful enough sacrifice? Could be fun. And regardless of the rants, I like that this card isn't exploitable, since you should have to play your deck around it, not play it into an infinite combo. There are enough of those already.
Posted By: Ritius (12/5/2009 1:14:26 PM)


"savor the moment" gives you the turn you need for the eon counter
but that just gives you time warp for 1 less mana and and extra card to find
Posted By: BioPrince (12/23/2009 4:19:38 PM)


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