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at the very least it has cycling 0
Posted By: PurpleFire (4/18/2010 10:32:40 AM)


"So listen closely. Not for very much longer. I've got, to keep control," CAUSE THIS CARD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: GFrogbottom (12/27/2011 2:44:30 PM)


i like it, i hope they remake this or time walk (or both) in 2014.
if you agree give this 5 stars.
Posted By: TheDragonPlainswalkr (4/13/2013 7:47:50 AM)


lol at whoever gets their time walk misdirected..
i do like how you can help your allies though, but it needs to be an instant for 3UU :)
Posted By: phantom.lance (7/20/2010 8:59:07 AM)


Strictly Temporal Manipulation, except it can target. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse, because it can be Swerved, but because you can help an ally out.
Posted By: swords_to_exile (2/20/2012 8:56:57 PM)



Black isn't good? Really?

Just search for the new Zendikar blacks and some older cards.
Posted By: Snaxme (12/16/2009 2:12:46 PM)


Time Warp is so fantastic. You just have to break it down - for 5 mana you get:

1. An extra card draw
2. An extra land drop
3. An extra combat phase
4. An extra activation of any activated ability that's limited to one per turn (tap abilities like Cunning Sparkmage, and planeswalker abilities for example)

And, of course, it enables a lot of potential infinite combos. Panoptic Mirror is arguably the easiest, but there's plenty that work - and what's great is that Time Warp is such a playable card on its own that even if you don't draw the combo it's still a great card to play. I included it in a deck that uses the awesome synergy of Venser, the Sojourner and Eternal Witness, and while there is the infinite combo there, I'm never dissatisfied in just drawing the Time Warp. Extra turns are that good!

@OpenSeasonNoobs - are you kidding? You're saying that people who have the common sense to run top tier ... (see all)
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (8/20/2011 8:04:33 AM)


I love the flavor text.
Posted By: divine_exodus (4/7/2011 6:16:19 PM)


Thought I was really cool playing this card. Then my friend cast Swerve :(
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (11/18/2011 6:22:33 PM)


Are there any rulings on how this card works in formats where more than one player takes there turn at the same time (e.g. Archenemy, Two-Headed Giant)? Does it give all players on that team a second turn, or just the one who played Time Warp?
Posted By: Rikeus (2/4/2012 8:43:16 AM)