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For things like this, I pack Terminus.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (1/18/2013 2:58:41 AM)


@ KikiJikiTiki

IF you add Aumlet of Vigor you got yourself an combo that will give you all lands in your deck. So I guess its worth adding ;)
Posted By: Red-White (1/30/2013 8:06:48 AM)


Woah, bloodghast is a spirit as well? Going in my spirit deck.
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/24/2011 8:59:52 AM)


i wish it had shadow, but otherwise it's a very solid card.
Posted By: anytwofactors (7/16/2010 9:44:57 AM)


I i find one of the best uses for this card is fodder for Blade of the Bloodchief equip it to what you want and start sending this guy at them, I like adding Quietus Spike to him so your opponent feels like he needs to block him
Posted By: perfectenemy (10/28/2009 5:37:38 AM)


"Huzzah, I killed your minion black mag...OH GOD IT'S BACK FOR VENGENCE!!!"
-Any non-black mage
Posted By: Xineombine (4/18/2013 5:26:35 AM)


Now that everyone is using chump blockers, meet the new breed of annoying cards: chump Attackers... XP
Posted By: phyrexiantrygon (1/5/2012 8:11:42 PM)


Awesome aggressive card. Fits well in my Zombie deck with Carrion Feeder and Nantuko Husk.

If only it was a Vampire Zombie, instead of a Vampire Spirit. It would be more flavorful in my opinion.
Posted By: KerosAohco (5/18/2012 7:32:43 AM)


Not as great as Vengevine but still very good.
Posted By: Lunarblade (5/7/2010 3:06:43 PM)


One of the better vampires around, although he is far from being the best. However, I think that adding the situational haste was a bit unnecessary. Although I understand the "10 or less life" vampire connection in this case I often find myself rereading the card to remind me which ability (haste or recursion) triggers when (10 life or landfall). This card is about to become a tournament staple so it probably won t be much of a problem BUT imho Wizards should be more careful about putting different abilities triggering at different times, especially at lower rarities.
Posted By: Mightyass (10/23/2009 12:27:25 PM)