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I just got this along with Ulamog's Crusher and Bear Umbra in one booster. Bear Umbra works to get both out in one turn, if you have the 11 mana, by attacking after you summon one, untapping all lands, and summoning the other. This card especially works well with my deck, as I have "Familiar Ground" (All creatures you control can only be blocked by one creature each), so Pathrazer is literally indestructible. So fun, so easy.
Posted By: Igooog (9/3/2011 1:52:21 PM)


My brother put a kitesail on him and swung for the win. I was laughing so hard I didn't even care.
Posted By: Bonkers455 (9/4/2011 6:39:24 PM)


Frighteningly effective assuming you cheat him into play, of course. He's nearly impossible to block thanks to his Annihilator 3 and blocking limits, and games won't last too long once he's on the field.
Posted By: Radagast (10/20/2011 2:02:24 PM)


I don't hardcast this, usually. I'll just pull a couple of these out of the library with Mass Polymorph, sacking Eldrazi spawn.

You can't have two Ulamogs in play, but you can have two Pathrazers.
Posted By: jfre81 (10/28/2011 12:19:40 AM)


I finally found a use for my Braids, Conjurer Adept! This sucka will cause them to sack 3 things and if they block usually kill 3 things, which almost negates the fact that Braids gives them free stuff too.
Posted By: brockdjwest (11/9/2011 9:49:24 AM)


This guy is one of the best Eldrazi to reanimate. With old school cards like entomb and animate dead this guy comes out on turn two and is swinging by turn three. If they cant remove right away they probably never will. However It that Betrays seems like a much more diabolical card to reanimate.
Posted By: Leonidus78 (11/15/2011 11:36:19 AM)


Could easily be a rare....... but it's an Eldrazi. Apparently the colorless are beyond rarity.
Posted By: Goatllama (7/17/2012 11:06:15 AM)


I imagine flavor wise, this guy is very agile. He makes another path for himself when something tries to get in his way. Thats why you need 3 to block him, to block all escape routes forcing him to fight.

Very solid and efficient creature!
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/19/2012 2:42:38 AM)


Impossible to block when Vorrac Battlehorns is equipped to it.
Posted By: Xycolian (10/2/2012 5:28:48 AM)


As soon as this hits the board, it absolutely must be dealt with immediately. The moment it attacks, your opponent runs the risk of being 6-for-1ed, and if they do not have enough creatures to block, then it simply gets through and crushes their face. One of the best non-legendary eldrazi creatures.
Posted By: Equinox523 (2/22/2013 11:04:07 AM)