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So... goblin sex.
Posted By: DysprosiumJudas (3/29/2011 9:11:02 PM)


This is easily the best common in the set. It's the base of my Kuldotha Red deck which can reliably win on turns 3-4-5. At my local FNM, the times I played the deck, I always finished in the top 5.
Posted By: Flanktacular (4/12/2011 1:24:35 PM)


When else has it been possible to drop entire non-Dark Ritual Hands on first turn in magic? This thing has so many turn 3 kills it boggles the mind. I

If your're having problems with your Kuldotha Deck finishing, give Concussive Bolt a try. Garnishing 3 artifacts isn't so hard by 5th turn, and it makes even an ineffiecent Kuldotha hand win.
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/20/2011 12:21:44 PM)


This is a very good card. In fact i think it might be too good. i mean come on! you can get three 1/1 s on the first turn!? i wouldnt be surprised if this card ever gets banned. i hate this card but it gets 5/5
Posted By: DanyoleT13 (6/21/2011 11:49:38 AM)


In my friends Dragon deck, this card is basically

"3 pieces of food for my Devour monsters, and I get to draw a card, for Red"
Inkwell Anchor for 2 is nice for this card, or some other "when this artifact gets destroyed" card.
Posted By: TrueBloodWolf (7/28/2011 6:25:38 PM)


@cajackson It's amazing, and that exact combo is the ideal non-god hand first turn for my ridiculously fast Goblin deck.
Posted By: GrandAdmiralThrawn89 (12/10/2011 11:39:45 PM)


Looks like a reason to use Great Furnace, (Outside of affinity of course) 'bout time I found one...
Posted By: SquirePath (3/1/2012 1:30:51 AM)


How's this:

T1: Memnite, Mountain, this
T2: Mountain, Goblin Fireslinger, swing with Goblin tokens, Goblin Grenade and sac a token
During your opponent's turn, activate Goblin Fireslinger's ability
T3: Swing for 3 again, Goblin Grenade, Goblin Grenade.

Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (3/25/2012 11:49:10 AM)


Metallic Mastery
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (7/24/2012 12:23:15 PM)


T1 20 Memnite, Mountain, Kuldotha Rebirth (sac Memnite)
T2 10 Memnite, Mountain, Goblin Bushwhacker (Kicked), Swing (5 x 2/1's)
T3 00 Swing (5 x 1/1's), Goblin Grenade

7 cards needed. If you want to count the randomization of a draw at it's best, there is still unused mana as well as an unplayed land on T3 which leaves room for another goblin grenade or cards like reverberate/lightning bolt/galvanic blast (to be used on T3 if drawn) if you were interrupted or assigned a blocker on the 3rd turn.

Here are some other cards I'd recommend:

x4 Ornithopter
x4 signal pest
x4 galvanic blast
x2-4 Springleaf Drum (effectively taps any creature for any mana color - do this to artifact creature for the mana to sac it else use it for non-fire ca... (see all)
Posted By: Flytag (7/26/2012 8:43:51 AM)