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Combo this with time of heroes and any aura (hyena umbra is my favourite) and he is a living death machine. Adding deathtouch is just nasty.
Posted By: divine_exodus (12/29/2010 8:54:27 AM)


Man, he shoul've cost 3 mana to level, when he reaches level 6 it's a bomb!
Just pulled one out of a booster, this is one of the levelers that really work, the cheap level up cost means you can easily give him a level if you have 2 mana to spare. If you keep him at level 1, he is still a 6/6 for 6 mana, very nice.
Posted By: Sironos (6/9/2010 8:17:42 AM)


Dies to doom blade, cries to vapor snag.
Posted By: talcumpowder0046 (1/19/2013 11:52:27 AM)


I'm calling him "Lord of Shat". He's not that amazing...takes too long to become an effective creature. And I'm usually a big fan of minotaurs. Looks REALLY good with Basilisk Collar though if you can get him to level 6. You'd gain a ton of life.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (4/17/2010 10:56:31 AM)


Pff, just use Kusari Gama...
Posted By: Aun (4/22/2010 6:22:31 PM)


5 mana for 6/6 ?? Enoug said 5/5
Posted By: BeatYouOnce (2/15/2013 4:54:24 PM)


Nice card.Better than Hill Giant or Canyon Minotaur for same converted mana cost.
Posted By: qweqwe (9/30/2010 11:35:50 AM)


I love this card as an easy 6/6 to put on the field. Generally speaking, he will be removed from play before he gets to lvl 6, but that just means that my opponent was forced to take him out-something I don't really mind as i don't bet on him making it to lvl 6. If I do it's game over though.
Posted By: seath (10/29/2010 1:03:05 PM)


6/6 for 6 mana in red is unusually good. This guy is better since he can come out for 4 mana and be a 6/6 attacker the next turn. While it costs another 10 mana for him to get fully leveled and he'll probably get wiped out along the way, he's clearly a threat your opponent has to deal with.

Amazing in limited. May be too slow for constructed but it is still surprising to me that he hasn't made it into ANY tournament deck lists that I have seen.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (12/8/2010 8:03:29 PM)


I can't wait to build a deck around Lord of Shatterskull Pass + Vampiric Link/Spirit Link (or Basilisk Collar) + Sanguine Bond...
Posted By: helluin (1/27/2011 12:36:38 AM)