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Too bad it isn't target permanent you control...
Posted By: forumbrowser (6/5/2012 5:02:32 PM)


This and Archdemon of Greed, maybe? Add in a few Rust Elementals as well.
Posted By: Weehaut (9/12/2012 2:37:00 PM)


I like the fact that he can give away detrimental permanents to make life a living hell for your opponent. I don't like, however, that in Standard, the only permanent he can give away to achieve this feat is the Immortal Coil. If he had come out a set earlier, I could foresee very mean decks being made using this and Colfenor's Plans, one of the best cards to give away, given the very harsh repercussions for owning the permanent, but no, this goblin came too late to be any use in standard.
Posted By: Oleander (2/2/2010 7:56:22 AM)


Donate on legs.
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (1/30/2010 4:07:35 AM)


I just realized that the trades he makes to his customers are pretty... *puts on sunglasses* bazaar. (YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH)
Posted By: Thaxan_Number_14 (2/4/2011 9:55:06 PM)


First the most important thing:

YOU CAN'T DONATE ENCHANTMENTS. No Illusion of Grandeur, no Colfenor's Plans! If you want to use this, try Puca's Mischief instead.

>>> And giving permanents to your opponent has indeed a very red flavor.<<<
Since this is a tap effect and it's permanently, it's not a red ability in my opinion. This means, the red mage (or the red player) plans it. So for me, the best color for cards like Puca's Mischief or this one is black (in the middle between old blue and new red). It fits even better.
- First, black has drawbacks on cards. Starting with simple ones: Exiled Boggart, losing life during upkeep or the new Demon.
- Second, I think it would be a fantastic way to play black. You gain a bonus for a drawback later (selling your soul to a devil). Then, when the final day comes, black mages overcome the debt by using their new power and some tricks.
Read the comic with Liliana Vess f.e. A veil from a devil... But al... (see all)
Posted By: Cheza (3/19/2010 3:52:21 PM)


Just pulled one of these out of a pack, and I was like, "NOOOOO, I R NOT A JOHNNY!!!" Then I read the commennts and I was like, "ROFL TEMPORARY STEALERZ FTW!!!!!"
Posted By: Superllama12 (4/3/2011 9:15:09 PM)


Whoah. Nice, FogRaider. I will never play against you.
Posted By: land_comment (3/25/2011 7:27:12 AM)


While that would be funny i saw some even funnier. At limited i was watching this guy he was done to 8 life hiis opponnt had an etchedchampion out and metal craft then the guy played a quicksilver gargantuam which he had it turn into the the champion and made his third artifact you should had seen his opponent face a 7/7 with protection from colors in limited
Posted By: lyle685 (3/27/2011 4:24:25 PM)


When i saw this guy with an empty textbox in MaRo's article "The Revenge of Mons" (http://www.wizards.com/MagiC/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/mm/69), i supposed him to exchange control or to be related to the number three because of his left hand.
Well, it turned out that the latter suspicion wasn't even that wrong, seeing that we're having a reusable donation engine here.
Johnny definitely approves.
And giving permanents to your opponent has indeed a very red flavor.
This lets the clássic mono-blue Delusions of Grandeur Donate deck have a red spash or even allows mono-red decks.

I could think of a quote this Goblin is going to say in such decks:
"Here, have a Jinxed Choker."
Posted By: Mode (1/30/2010 8:21:10 AM)


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